Revealing The Significance Of The Number Of Roses Presented To Your Loved One!!

Roses are considered as the most popular flower in the flower community. There are different variants of flowers available in different colours and types. Also, different coloured roses do have different meanings and sending it to your special someone expresses different feelings that are infused with the colours.

On any of the special occasions like the birthday or anniversary or the most special day- the Valentine’s day, people prefer roses as the primary flower for any of the floral arrangement. Roses being an extremely important element of any of the floral arrangement, you have to take care of conveying right message with the flowers. So select the rose colours and number accordingly that conveys an exceptional meaning.

Revealing The Significance Of The Number Of Roses Presented To Your Loved One!!

But how to figure out which colour represents what meaning and what particular number of roses determine? Below is a brief guideline about that:

Rose Colours and their Meaning:

  • Red Roses: Red roses represent love and respect. You can convey “I Love You” message by sending these red roses.
  • Yellow Roses: It represents happiness and friendship. You can congratulate your loved ones and your friends as well during happy times.
  • White Roses: The white roses represent purity, innocence, honour and remembrance. It helps in promoting the purity at various special occasions.
  • Light Pink Roses: You can convey the meaning of admiration and sympathy with the light pink roses. It sends a beautiful message for conveying beauty and grace.
  • Dark Pink Roses: The dark pink roses express appreciation and gratitude towards the recipient. You can convey the message of “Thank You” with these dark pink coloured roses.
  • Purple Roses: The purple roses represents enthrallment & enchantment. It conveys meaning for expressing enthrallment for first impressions. Also, this is the first choice for the Valentine’s Day.
  • Orange Roses: Orange roses expresses enthusiasm and captivation. It conveys promoting new relationships. Thus, these were the rose meanings according to its colours. Now below we are listing the meaning of roses according to its number. So, let’s have a glance at that:
  • One Rose: One rose symbolizes love at first sight. So if you are looking for a way to express your feelings to whom you are with truly in love, you can present him/her a single rose and give a hint at your affections.
  • Two Roses: Two roses usually stands for love and admiration. There is also a superstition that says if the two roses are intertwined and form a single stem, then it could be a sign of future engagement or marriage.
  • Three Roses: Three roses usually stands for the three most beautiful words “I Love You”. Presenting three roses to your loved one is a perfect way to tell someone that you love them. This could be one of the most beautiful ways to express your love.
  • Six Roses: Six roses represents the infatuation and shows desire to be with someone, especially if you are far away from your loved one. Also, the secret admirers prefer to send six roses to their beloved.
  • Twelve Roses: The twelve roses is something that shows you are thinking of someone whole 12 months of the year. This also represents your devoted love and undivided attention.
  • Fifteen Roses: Fifteen roses symbolizes deep apologies and regret. If you are seeking the forgiveness from someone of your broken relationships, then you can do this by sending them fifteen roses.
  • Twenty-Four Roses: Sending twenty-four roses to your loved one represents that you are thinking of the person 24 hours a day. This could be a perfect way for showing your constant devotion to your loved one.

Thus, these were some of the great meaning of presenting the type and a number of roses to your loved one.

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