Safety Instructions For A Healthy Health During Pregnancy

The term pregnancy is itself very delicate and caring issue which is entirely different in all the different cases. Talking about pregnancy there are many problems which are often seen during the different stages. One may face difficulty in eating proper diet; others may face some complication eating certain products while some may also face problems related to breathlessness. There are some of the doctors which do not permit talking any sort of medicines during pregnancy as it may have some side-effects on the newly developed fetus. Even the depression meds while pregnant are not considered to be safe.

Safety Instructions For A Healthy Health During Pregnancy

Therefore, one should know everything about the problems that can be encountered during the nine months pregnancy period. It is very common for expected women to be short of breath. Generally it is nothing to be concerned or worried about, but it’s best to get oneself checked with a doctor, since there are lots of things that can cause shortness of breath.

By the increase in the amount of hormone progesterone, which causes you to breathe in more deeply, the breathing may be affected in the normal pregnancy. Sometimes this might make one feel as if they are working harder to get air. The breathing may also become more difficult as when the uterus starts enlarging it takes up more space, resulting in pressure against the diaphragm i.e. the muscle below the lungs.

What actions to take during shortness of breath during pregnancy-

  • Feeling uncomfortable while breathing during the pregnancy one should try and take the things a bit more slowly and without pushing oneself too hard when being active.
  • Whenever sitting one must sit up straight keeping the shoulders back to give the lungs as much room as possible to expand.
  • Prop up a bit with the help of few extra pillows when you’re in bed at night.
  • Be very patient. It’s no fun to be uncomfortably out of breath. But once you give birth, your breathing will soon be back to normal and feel like it did before you were pregnant.

If such breathing disorder is not controlled during pregnancy it might act as a big risk to your health. This risk includes- high blood pressure, preeclampsia which is a condition where the blood pressure increases and it effect the kidneys, liver and brain.

On the other hand, if proper medicine for respiratory disorders in pregnancy is not given it can also cause great impact on the fetus where it can suffer from abnormal or slower growth rate, low birth weight or even death immediately before or after birth.

One must try to do some efforts to avoid and control asthma triggers so that you can take less medicine if possible. Try and stay away from dust, mites and other tobacco etc which has an adverse effect on the health. Many women have nasal symptoms, and this may be a direct link between increased nasal symptoms and asthma attacks. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is common in pregnancy, may also provoke such symptoms.

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