Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Smartphone With An Interesting Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Smartphone With An Interesting Display

The unique Android devices are rising in the market and one of the most unique display smartphone of the present market is the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which was revealed few months ago along with the launch of original phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 4. And now, we might see the curve display in the original Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

The design of Note Edge is almost similar to Galaxy Note 4 but it is wider as it has the bent on the right side of its display. And on the back of the device, just below this component is the space of S Pen, the usual multifunction stylus for Samsung phablets. The manufacturer has managed to leave it in the same place despite the curved screen, which is remarkable and allows no noticeable difference if you are one of those who have already tried some Galaxy Note. Regarding the functionality of this accessory is complete and all the usual options are heading (integration into the operating system functionality, performance with applications such as S Pen and, of course, the appearance of Air Command right out of the hole). The features would not only increase in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but also the new interface would be release for the older devices as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Smartphone With An Interesting Display

As for the weight, we must say that is somewhat lighter than the Note 4 (174 grams) and also is slightly thinner and its thickness remains in the 8.3 millimeters. In short, this is a phablet nicely finished with acceptable materials in manufacturing and offering a sense of great quality. Furthermore, the integration of different external components despite the use of the curved screen is excellent and ergonomics does not suffer too much. Samsung should make the body of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lighter, if compare to the previous version.

In short, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 edge is a phablet that has evolved greatly in respect of appearance and now is much more attractive. Thus, a boost in this section was one of the “Achilles heel” of this company and the fact is that, without losing the spirit of the option to access the battery has been achieved is given that this phablet it a turning point for the firm in this market segment. Here there is no crack, since the combination of essential components is excellent. The processor is a Snapdragon 805 clocked to 2.7 GHz and RAM amounts to 3 GB. Thus, equates to what features the Note 4 and, therefore, its capacity when using any application is beyond doubt. The feeling of use is perfect, without any noticeable delay when moving the Android 4.4.4 operating system, even in the camera application, and with we discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could run all games without any problems thanks to its GPU Adreno 420 (and the curved screen is not cluttered at all). Out of the box, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may come with Android 6 or more.

A detail on which we had any doubt was that of batter life. This Samsung Galaxy Note Edge includes a battery of 3000 mAh, which is lower than that of Note 4 and having a powerful processor and a large screen high resolution, weigh it might suffer here. But actual battery life results are pretty promising, you can enjoy whole day of working with Note Edge without any issues. And same advancement would be seen in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge.

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