Self Storage Facilities – The Best Solution For Temporary Property Storing

Sooner or later each person faces the problem of the lack of space in the apartment, house or office. Sometimes you may need to store your personal belongings somewhere for a certain period of time. This situation is a common problem almost for everyone. Small unnecessary items we can temporarily hide in the closet or the mezzanine, but what should we do with the large bulky things like bicycle, old refrigerator, etc.?

Self Storage Facilities - The Best Solution For Temporary Property Storing

Such problem often arises in enterprises and companies, which have accumulated tons of archival documents, books, reports and office equipment over the years of operation. All of these items litter the rooms, but you can’t throw them away. The problem is solved rather easily thanks to the temporary self storage services, which currently are widely spread in Canada. So, what are the advantages of temporary storage? Temporary storage is becoming increasingly popular service which gives the opportunity to get rid of old things, to expand the living space of an apartment and working space in the office. Companies providing temporary storage services have at their disposal units of various sizes, usually ranging from one to one hundred cubic meters.

The proper temperature for optimum storing is maintained by climate control system. The client who ordered a temporary storage service receives a personal key to the unit where his property is stored. Additional security is provided by means of a special system, which requires the personal identification number entry. Self storages are usually equipped with round the clock video surveillance system that allows control everything that happens inside the units and outside of them. That is why this service truly ensures that the temporary keeping of property in self storages is absolutely safe and secure.

How to get a temporary storage unit? It is rather simple. You just have to contact a service center and you will get the proper size unit that corresponds the sizes of items that you intend to store. If it is difficult to determine the size of the unit without assistance the service center manager will help to sort out the necessary unit size and make the order. It should also be mentioned that animals, plants, some food, toxic and malodorous substances are not allowed to store in the self storage.

Much attention is paid to keep storage units and the whole storage area clean and tidy. The cleanness in each unit or room is maintained by means of professional vacuum cleaners which are much more effective than the common household cleaners because they are able to absorb almost any dust. For more thorough cleaning vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with a set of different attachments that allow not only to clean the smooth floor, but the carpet and other surfaces as well as to clean up the dust in hard-to-reach places. Some models are also equipped with a special wet cleaning system for better results. The dried to the surface dirt is better to clean with wet cleaning system.

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