Shahriar Ekbatani- Improve Your Health With Regular Traveling

Shahriar Ekbatani- Improve Your Health With Regular Traveling

Most people love to travel once in a while. You find that it is a refreshing break from the monotony of your daily routine. However, medical studies show that traveling can go a long way in keeping your healthier and mentally active. Prominent practitioners specializing in this field say taking a trip on the highway or traveling abroad can reduce your chances of suffering from cardiovascular or coronary diseases.

Shahriar Ekbatani – Amazing Health Benefits of Traveling

Shahriar Ekbatani, a person who is passionate about traveling, says most people are unaware that traveling can improve their overall well being in the following ways:

  • Improves the health of your health

traveling involves plenty of physical activity. Whether you need to rush to airport to ensure you do not miss your flight or walking down the street in an exotic country, you are always on the move. This kind of physical activity goes a long way in increasing your blood circulation, reduces your blood pressure and minimizes your chances of suffering from cardiovascular aliments. In fact, studies show people who have a tendency to travel every six months are less likely to suffer from a heart disease then those who travel every two years.

  • Enhances your mental abilities

Traveling goes a long way in keeping your brain active and sharp. This is because you when come across new environments and witness unusual experiences, this vital muscle in your body challenges itself. This helps your brain to become more resilient and prevents the occurrence of degenerative aliments. When you take the initiative to travel to distant lands, you meet new people, and become familiar with their cultures. This stimulates your cognitive abilities which further sharpens your memory and focus.

  • Boosts your creativity

Writers and play writers love to pack their bags and travel whenever they get the opportunity. They hold the view that it gives them the inspiration they are looking for to write a new novel or produce a film. Psychology experts say that new environments and experiences have a strong impact on your brain’s neutral pathways. They explain that this acts as a catalyst in enhancing your creativity.

  • Relieves stress

One of the most important health benefits of traveling is that it reduces stress. Experts say that this kind of leisure activity helps you to overcome depression, loneliness and anxiety. They go on to explain that people find happiness in planning and looking forward to a vacation.

The following health benefit prove that traveling is actually good for you in long-run. It helps to broaden your perspective of the world around you. Shahriar Ekbatani says traveling gives you the opportunity to visit places and meet people which you may not be able to imagine in your wildest dreams. You come out of your comfort zone to witness things that can transform you regardless of how difficult it may seem in the initial stages. This goes a long way in broaden your view and helps you look beyond your own problems. This helps to enhance your physical well-being and mental health.

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