Should You Consider Living Off Campus In College?

Choosing to live on campus or off campus is a big decision. Both come with their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to weigh them and determine which is right for you. Your choice will be based on a number of factors, like the distance from the school to your home, whether you will work a part-time job or if you will have a full scholarship paying for everything. If you’re going away to Marylhurst University or another school, you can use the following info to help you decide if staying off campus is a better idea.

Have More Freedom

When you live in an apartment off campus, you have more freedom to do what you want when you want. Colleges are infamous for their rules and curfews, which can be cumbersome for those who want a freer lifestyle. For instance, if you plan to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll need an off campus apartment. Dorms restrict boys and girls from living together.

Away from the Social Scene

If you like being in the midst of college friends and the on campus events and social functions, then you’re better off living on campus in a dorm. Living away from the campus sets you apart, which means possibly missing out on gatherings and parties. Staying abreast of the happenings takes due diligence on your end or updates from friends who live on campus. If you decide to live off campus, you can still use social media networks like Facebook to stay in the know of happenings.

More Space for Less

The cost for living on campus for four years is on average higher than off campus living. The average cost for room and board at a public college is just under $7,000 annually and a little over $8,000 for private colleges (as of 2006-2007). Living off campus, you can share an apartment with roomies, paying $400-650 per month and about $35 for utilities. The cost is less and the space is more – you have a kitchen, living room and possibly your own master bathroom.

The Commute

Depending on where you decide to live, commuting to school from your off campus apartment may take a long time. Getting to class quickly may be a problem, especially when you’re running late. You can’t just walk across campus anytime you want to go to the library or meet up with friends if you live off campus. Even living just five to ten minutes away can cause you to be late to class once or twice each week, so make sure your alarm clock is set and gas tank is filled.

The Lifestyle is Calmer

It can be distracting living on campus with all the hustle and bustle of other students. You have to worry about loud music blaring, chatter and other noise pollution when you live on campus. This is eliminated when you live off campus in a quiet neighborhood with respectful roommates. Some people find that their grades improved after moving away from the muss and fuss and into their own apartment off campus.

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