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Simple Guide To

Hashflare is a new cloud mining platform that was launched last year on the 23rd April 2015. The team that launched Hashflare is employees of a company calledHashCoins and they have more than 3 years of experiences in handling blockchain solutions since 2013. HashCoins is a top cloud mining company with a headquarter based in Tallinn in Estonia.There are two founders including Ivan Turygin and Sergei Potapenko. Both of which holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration. The Hashflare mining machines are housed in a secured facility that meet with the latest industry standards.

Simple Guide To

The aim of Hashflare is to make cloud mining services available to everyone no matter how much funds they have to invest, age or where they live. They want to contribute to the development of cryptocurrency mining by offering everyone an opportunity to try it out themselves. With Hashflare, you no longer have to invest in complex mining equipment. To get started, you just have to choose a hash power. The profits you generate will be more predictable compared to using hardware to mine for bitcoins.

In Hashflare, you are paying to receive a share of the profits of cryptocurrencies generated from the mining machines owned by the company. The data centers at Hash flare have hundreds of miners mining a variety of cryptocurrencies. The amount of cryptocurrencies you earn is based on how much you have invested.

Every single miner has high specs and is specially designed for mining cryptocurrency. In Hashflare, there are many different pools that you can join to improve your profits. You should find the most profitable combination to dedicate your hashrates. The cryptocurrencies are paid out automatically in Bitcoins through PPS method to the Hashflare customers. The payout is based on the share of hashrate in the plan you subscribe.

Hashflare offers 5 types of cloud mining plans including Scrypt, SHA-256, Ethereum, Zcash and Dash. Scrypt cloud mining features a hashrate starting from 1 MH/s which costs $7.50. SHA-256 cloud mining features a hashrate starting from 10 Ghs which costs $1.50. Ethash features a hashrate from 100KH/s which costs $2.20. Equihash features a hashrate of 1 H/s which costs $2. X11 features a hashrate starting from 1 MH/s which costs $3.20.

You can start mining immediately after making payment. The first payout can take place in as fast as 24 hours following the mining of the first block. The payout can be withdrawn in various methods including credit cards, bank wire, and bitcoins. The minimum withdrawal requirement is 0.0004 BTC for bitcoin and 0.0007ETH for ethereum. When you withdraw, they will charge a small transfer fee for example 0.0003 BTC for bitcoin and 0.0006 ETC for ethereum.

You can instantly withdraw the payout that you receive. Hashflare accept credit cards for making purchases. However, there is a 14 days holding period of your earnings if you use credit cards to make the purchase. The immediate payout applies if you use bitcoins to make the purchase.

Hashflare only charges fees for Scrypt and SHA256 mining. You don’t have to pay any fee if you are mining Etherem, Zcash and Dash. Clients are not billed with the maintenance fees but they are deducted in the form of bitcoins from the daily payouts. The maintenance fee you are charged is based on the exchange rate of BTC/USD.

There is no limit on the term contract and you can keep on generating profits on HashFlare system. You can take on the contract up to unlimited days for as long as you want. Every new user that you refer that make a purchase can also earn you a 10% commission.To start mining at Hashflare, you must first register for an account. The registration form requires you to provide information such as county, birthdate, username and password. Hashflare offers real time monitoring and you can see the detailed statistics of the mining activity at anytime and anywhere.

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