Simple Tricks To Be Happier

Simple Tricks To Be Happier

Living a more contented life often look likes to be about living your big dreams, but with today’s hectic work schedule, it seems impossible to keep happiness in your life.

But I agree that it is only one part and we can maintain happiness by many different smart ways.

So in this write up I’ll share some simple tricks to find more gladness in my everyday life. I expect you’ll get something here that you can apply now to make your living happier too.

Simple Tricks To Be Happier

  1. Be kind in different ways. For example – you can let someone in into your lane while driving your vehicle. Help any old men to cross the road, hold the elevator for the stranger and so many things. Not only because that you expect to get back in any way, but all these little things add up and make you feel better and happier.
  2. Be thankful for other people. Change the habit of marking the little things that irritate you about other people in its place make small positive observations and appreciations about them. For example, you can appreciate the food made by your wife or maid and be thankful for washing clothes and other things.
  3. Cut down the time gradually you spend with the most pessimistic person in your life. And spend more time with the most optimistic person(s).
  4. Ignore or give as much as possible less time on the most negative things in your life. It could be on the Television, some magazine, books, websites a friend circle or any other medium. You can replace these things and time and find new liveliness and motivation from one or more constructive sources like motivational movies and books.
  5. Be 5 or 10 minutes early. This simple trick will convert your travel time into the time of entertainment and renewal rather than a time of pressure and lack of enthusiasm added to your day. As well as, you’ll be on time.
  6. Do some new things & what is not “you”. For example, try a new dish for dining. If you are a professional then make a road trip on the bike or you can watch some movie from the genre that is not your favorite. You can learn some new topic that is not your type. This is the best way to find some new perspectives in your life, to raise and to increase your comfort zone just a little on a weekly or monthly basis. Nurturing this practice also makes it easier to escape from your comfort zone when bigger and hardly to get opportunities comes.
  7. Try to forget the bad things from your past. Sticking on to a previous clash, fight & argument in that you were mistreated by somebody can waste your a lot of time, energy and important moments in your life. It can also be strangely comforting since you are so in the habit of it. A famous life from the philosopher “You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.”

Now you should stop blaming or hurting yourself, you have to admit that your old bad memories are in the past now.

  1. Take the best and higher way. Don’t be a name – that the people can use you as they want, set some limitations and say no when required. Identify that needless disagreements just waste your time and power. Because this world is full of the people that are so addicted to the drama and arguments that you will never win or set a decisive point between your and another one. In place of this, there are much more things for fun, good things to spend quality time in this small life.
  2. Happy Neighborhood for Happy Life. Our happiness is intertwined with the wellbeing of our local community. Being connected in a community helps us feel like we belong and this has a big impact on our own happiness, that of our family, and the community as a whole. Now, real estate developers also appreciate this fact and constructing residential communities with a range of features to make people happy and comfortable. Godrej Golf Links Greater Noida Sector 27 a new residential community from Godrej Properties is the best example of this fact. In this residential project, inhabitants can enjoy 9 hole Golf Course, a grand club house, Billiards and Snooker, Western Music Classes, Potters Zone and Pool Juice Bar.
  3. Be kind to yourself. Everybody make big and small mistakes in life, but the next time if you make mistake or fail don’t treat yourself as a looser. In its place, be calm, observe what you can learn from these mistakes, gently push yourself on the right course again and keep going.
  4. Be grateful for yourself. It’s good enough and something that many people don’t do enough. At least spend few minutes before sleep with thinking about or writing down in a diary the things you can grate about yourself and what you achieve today. Repeat this schedule every night – to change how you take yourself on a more permanent level.

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