Skincare Products For Day and Night

Skincare Products For Day and Night

We all know we need to look after our skin. It’s the only one we have, and by exposing it to bad skincare regimes, UV light and dehydration, we can leave it not looking at its best. Here are some of best skincare products that you should be using both day and night for healthy skin.

Sun Cream

This may seem like an odd one in the middle of winter to have top of our list, but it is one of the most important skincare products that should be in every woman’s and man’s beauty bag. UV rays are there all year round, even on the cloudiest of days, so it is important that you wear sunscreen every day of the year to ensure that your skin remains youthful and is not aged by the sun. Look for products which contain SPF in them so that you don’t have to waste time and money applying moisturiser as well as sun cream.

Skincare Products For Day and Night

Skin Cleanser

If you are still using soap and water to wash your face, it is time to stop and rethink your regime. Skin cleansers are the among the best skincare products to use to wash and cleanse your face. A good product will take away all your make-up and grime from the day, leaving your skin feeling fresh and re hydrated.

The first step to finding the right product for you is to establish what skin type you have. If you have flaky or rough skin, you are likely to have a dry complexion. If your skin is shiny and greasy, it is likely that it is oily. If you have an oily nose and forehead and dry cheeks, you probably have combination skin. Finally, if you seem to get a rash from products, you are likely to have sensitive skin. Once you have understood which skin type you have, you will be able to start to buy appropriate products for your skin. No matter what type you have, look for products which contain natural ingredients, as they will be less harsh, which will give you more of a glow.


A serum is a useful product to have in your beauty bag. It is applied after the skin cleanser and before the night moisturiser. They have a high level of active ingredients which can really give a boost to your skin. For example, it may have hyaluronic acid in it, which can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or vitamin C to help brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Night Moisturiser

At night your body is resting and renewing. The skin cells are repairing, and you need a moisturiser that can help with this. After you have cleansed your skin, it is important that you moisturise it with a night cream. This simple step prevents it from drying out. Choosing a night moisturiser over an everyday one is better, as it will contain more ingredients that will help the skin whilst you sleep.

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