Skylights Guide: Benefits and Drawbacks

Skylights Guide: Benefits and Drawbacks

There are no two opinions about the fact that skylights bring natural light into a home or workplace making your place full of light and life. But sadly, due to umpteen reasons, they can have some serious negative impacts on your place. This post covers all the benefits and drawbacks of skylights to make you aware of everything.

Benefits of Installing Skylights

6 Great Reasons Why You Should Install Skylights in Your Home

Extra Daylight

The most important factor due to which skylights are considered is that they bring extra sunlight into a room, especially during cold days when sun is at lower angle and the days are shorter comparative to summer.

Energy Saving

An ample incoming of natural light reduces the reliance on artificial light, thus it helps in saving energy. Along with that, you can enjoy cosier room, especially during winters. At that time skylights help in gaining heat and eliminating the need for heating.

Design Options

Due to scores of design options and flexibility, homeowners can install skylights to their place fitting their taste and needs. If you want to wake up with sunrays, but also don’t want to capture sunlight in the noon then also there are options for you. Some skylights come with coatings and shades to help you prevent overheating during the time when sun is on peak.

Design Impact

Another asset of skylights is that it allows you to either dramatically improve your space or use them as the main design feature. Usually, skylights have been placed in spaces where there is no other source of fetching natural light. But, now you can use them to create effect of dramatic lighting and style your home.

Heading Towards Drawbacks

Over-lighting and Overheating

While the use of skylights is the best option to let the natural light enter your space, but it can be problematic sometimes. It can lead to problems like bringing too much light and making your room an oven. To avoid such a hassle, it is recommended to keep various factors into consideration such as size, placement, climate control, etc.

Installation Problems

Make sure a skylight is properly installed in your home. If not, you may have to face a lot of issues like moisture problems, leaks (Some of them can spoil the decor of your place), and so on. So, take proper care while installing skylights, because a minor leak could be a complex issue annoying your comfort.

Cleaning Hassle

Skylights demand proper care and cleaning. For those who believe in annual ritual of cleaning all their windows, cleaning their skylights would not be a cake walk. To avoid the hassle of cleaning your skylights on weekly or monthly basis, make sure that the skylights are installed in those areas of your home where the chances of falling leaving and branches are very less. Else, you would have to add a work of cleaning skylights on regular basis to the list of your other tasks.

In a nutshell

Despite skylights are having many drawbacks, we cannot ignore the fact that skylights are a great and powerful source to incorporate sunlight to the dark areas of a home. Even, the proper skylights installation can ensure the wonderful experience and avoid all the negativities mentioned above.

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