Smart TV’s – Are They For You?

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There is a heated debate going around about whether smart TV’s are good, and if at all they are worth your time and money. Well, a smart TV is capable of connecting to the internet, and that specific feature is useful, and makes life all the more easier for the average television enthusiast out there. This is possible, thanks to its new cutting edge technology, which is embedded in its hardware, thus allowing it to perform that singular and most distinguishing things unlike your run-in-the-mill television.

Now, you probably have broadband and TV bundle as most of internet providers offer such services. Considering that particular capability alone and the price that those internet-ready TVs bring, then it should be as clear as day that they aren’t worth it at all, more so at the place and time we are in right now; smart TVs have become more like dinosaurs now, more obsolete by the day. Needless to say, buying one now wouldn’t be the smartest life choice you’d want to make. To help you get a clear understanding of why, the following text should expound on that.

Beware of the Security Risks

Just like any other device that hones the capability to connect to the internet, smart TVs are also prone to security threats and risks. As you might be well advised, all those gadgets and gizmos that are powered by the internet all make up what is termed as the “internet of things” where everything is connected to everything else. Needless to say, your much desired smart television can be hacked leaving your privacy and yourself at risk. You can even be spied on at this very minute as you read away through your TV’s camera. And mind you, it doesn’t take a lot to hack a remote webcam. If not that, then your much treasured apps might also be at risk; a hacker can get access to them easily and do what he pleases.

Makeshift and Unreliable Applications

Yes, the applications are exceedingly poor in performance terms due to the poor nature of the smart TV’s interface design. The broadband is inherently poor and due to this, those TVs are prone to quite a number of annoying shortcomings from glitches to random and frequent crashes. Also, the input lag when using your remote controller is quite painfully noticeable, going up to minutes on end. At that particular point, you are only left with the choice to, either wait or unplug the power cable. In a bid to lessen the frequent crashing and freezing of the application, content providers have to prioritize on the compatibility of content in every smartphone, tablet and smart television out there, and as you’d expect, smart TVs get the least attention. If at all they neglect to make such maintenance work and app updates, your TV will lose all its “smart” meaning.

No Smart Interfaces

Simply put, a smart TV doesn’t have a smart interface to uphold its smart functionality. It should be at par with smartphones and computers above all else if not better. Unfortunately, it always comes second best at this, and it in turn brings forth quite a number of complications and frustrations, eventually; you cannot really enjoy watching something on a smart television, since its best is not the expected best. Searching for a show on Netflix, for example, is always a task more than it need be. You have to type for a good amount of time before you get it right.

Top Notch Idea; Too Much for a Smart TV

The idea itself to stream all the unavailable channels on cable is unique, needless to say, cost effective too, along with other countless benefits, but it’s simply not fit for a smart TV. You already know why this is painfully so (hint: exceedingly bad interfaces and unworthy apps). However, in regards to our main objective, there already exists countless other set-boxes (like Roku), which are very much capable of taking up this challenge quite successfully, and better than an internet ready TV. You get much better performance, flexibility and better broadband, unlike that smart television. So, there is in fact no point to still go for one.

The Other Features aren’t Worth it

If you null out the internet capability of a smart TV, what you have left; the central remote, 3D technology and smart media playback, aren’t worth jack! Even if you can relish in your most favorite video games, trust me, you wouldn’t enjoy any of them, 3 guesses why? Smart TVs aren’t for you.

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