Solar Power For Non Profits – Is It Worth The Investment

With over 4 billon years of solar energy bombarding the world today, harnessing the power of solar to be converted into electricity is considered one of the best options to opt for as it guarantees eco friendly environment and cleaner sources of energy. It is also a great way to reduce energy cost but the initial investment, which requires huge sum of money, may make non profit organizations have a rethink. Nowadays, it is a bit difficult for non profit organizations to source for funds. There are many different projects that require huge capital. Non profit organizations such as churches, schools, social clubs and much more are funded by donors and grants from government and other establishment. Considering the limited funds, there are low priced solar power for schools and non profit organizations on the market today. Solar power. In a bid to harness the benefits of solar power, it is very important to consider the efficiency of the panel. However, this is not a guarantee that a more efficient panel may be the most cost-effective decision available before shopping for sola panel, there are some factors to consider which include

  • Geographical location,

  • Panel placement

  • Temperature

  • Roof design

  • Amount of shading on the roof

By putting all of these factors into consideration, non-profit organizations will know the right solar energy system to opt for. Depending on the location, the cost of installing solar power system varies. Solar energy can actually help non profit organization is many different ways including

Lower Cost of Energy

Today, energy bills are constantly on the increase and is expected to continuing rising over the next few years. Utilities are becoming more advanced and charges are based on quantity and time. By installing solar power for non profit organizations, the cost of energy will be decreased. Reason being that the price of using the sun is always constant. This cost effectiveness makes it possible for your organization to operate within clearly defined rates structure.

Eco-friendly Environment

Installing solar power systems is an indication that your organization is committed to the well being of your community. It shows you want to make the environment a better place. Minimizing your impact on the earth will help improve your brand perception.

Purchase Power Agreement

This is one of the latest methods of financing in the world today especially the US and it has been helpful for financing solar power systems for non profit organizations. The purchase power agreement is a long term contract between a non profit organization and a third party solar power financiers. The terms states that the solar power will be installed on the customers property but ownership right will be given to the developer. The electricity generated from the solar power is sold to the customer at an affordable rate. With this option, non profit organization can harness the use of solar power s it makes it possible for the reduction of fossil fuel.

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