Some Ways Which Can Help You To Prevent DUI

Some Ways Which Can Help You To Prevent DUI

If you look at the statistical data, then you will be able to get a clear picture on drinking and driving. Well, there are thousands of people who die because of this and teenagers hold a great portion in it.

After drinking, risk of accident gets increases gradually. Mainly teenagers are exposed to drinking and most of them are minors for the age of drinking. Due to such things, and useless enjoyment, many of them loose their kids, wives, husbands or other family member.

If you are arrested under a DUI case, then you will face everyday problems and your life will get worse. There are many websites like, which helps you to understand about handling such situations. It saves your money on consultation with lawyers. So, if you don’t want such tensions, then you must take care of some following points while drinking alcohol or throwing a party.

Some Ways Which Can Help You To Prevent DUI

If you are throwing a grand party, then you must take care of such points:

  • Offer nonalcoholic drinks – Never pressurize any of your guests to have alcohol. Instead of it, you give them some other alternatives like juice, cold drinks, water, etc.
  • Serve enough food so that the amount of alcohol consumption will decrease.
  • Always stop serving the alcohol before the party finishes – Give your guests a 2 hour gap before they move out of the party.
  • If you see any changed behavior in your guests, because of alcohol intake, then you must arrange any alternative transport for him or call any of their family members.

Drinking Alcohol

  • Never drink beyond your capacity limit
  • Must have an extra person who knows driving, and must insure that he is not in contact with any of the alcoholic substance.
  • Call for taxi if the designated person as driver, consumes alcohol.
  • If you want your friend or family member be safe, then it is necessary that you must hide his car keys.

If you take care of all such things, then you will somehow able to avoid DUI, but here are some ways which will help you if you are arrested for DUI.

  • Eat something while drinking, because this will decrease your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level.
  • Maintain your car – Insure that everything is working because especially at night, police can make you put your vehicle aside for not working headlights or failing blinkers.
  • Follow the traffic signals more carefully. If you are drunk, then use signal light before changing lanes. Maintain the speed limit, because you don’t want the police to make you take the field sobriety test.
  • Carry all the necessary documents with you like registration, driver’s license, insurance policy.
  • Stay even more focused while driving a car. Avoid using radios and phones as these can cause distraction.

Also, the police will notice such things and others like person driving at very slow speed, making a wide turn, stopping without cause, driving wrong side, braking erratically, etc. Therefore, you must drive safely to reach home without any accident.

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