Specialized SEO Solutions for Law Firms

Many law firms maintain websites to provide potential clients with important information about their attorneys and areas of specialization. Even if your firm is well established in your local offline market, your web presence may still be underdeveloped. Search engine optimization (SEO) can make the difference between a lower-ranking site and a site that appears near the top of the first page of results on major search engines. Law firm SEO can make it easier for clients to find and contact your firm in order to retain your services.
Web marketing agencies that provide law firm SEO services rely on techniques that are similar to those used for other types of businesses. There are a number of specific ways to boost the search ranking of your firm.
Give Your Firm a Boost
An SEO agency can work with your firm to refine content on your website and introduce new features to increase your visibility. These efforts should begin with an assessment of your current search standing. Written content and metadata including markup, title tags, and alt attributes all contribute to the keyword density on each page of your site. If you have not selected and used focus keywords appropriately, your firm’s site will be less likely to rank high in search results.
Help New Clients Find You
Off-site SEO also plays an integral role in search rankings and the ability of potential clients to find your firm. A law firm SEO agency should make sure that your firm is accurately listed in authoritative directories. New clients can find you through these listings, and every accurate listing can increase your ranking. These entries should be consistent and targeted toward your overall SEO strategy.
Increase Your Publicity
There are specific types of law firm SEO services intended to drive up the visibility of your site and your publicity. Adding a blog to your firm’s website can inform potential clients about your services or important subjects related to your areas of practice. Blog entries can lead to the creation of more links back to your site on social media services or other websites trusted by search engines.
Make sure that the SEO agency you work with has a detailed plan specific to your area of practice and the features on your firm’s website. Law firm SEO can help you achieve a desirable search ranking at the top of the first page of results and attract a lot of new business to your firm.

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