Staying Safe Against Bed Bugs

There is an old saying that goes like this, “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite you”. People from older generations know exactly what that means, but the younger ones don’t really care about it. In part that is because most countries have been bed bug free for almost 30 years. But it seems they are making a return.

Staying Safe Against Bed Bugs

When being the Best is not the Best Thing

A few decades ago, a lot of different pesticides where being used for just about anything. Over the years, in order for them to be safer to use around people and more potent against the pests they were aiming at, they became specialized and much more effective.

That said, they was a small problem. To specialize in something means to sacrifice in other areas. And bed bugs were a pest that managed to regrow their population and start infesting houses all other again.

Since the public was not used to have them around, it is common for people to mistake their bite marks for sings of other pests, like mosquitoes or in some cases even a poison ivy.

That, plus the fact that they feed when you are less likely to move around and you never feel them biting you, and you may need a professional bed bug treatment before you even know it yet.

As Stealthy as Possible

If there is one thing that we have to admit it is that they have evolved just fine and they are able to survive living near us. The reason is that they are careful with how they approach us. They can cling on your clothes or climb in your backpack and let you carry them around, they make sure you don’t feel their bite marks, at least while they feed, and there is one more thing about the bite marks as well.

Although it is a little easy to tell if a bite mark is from a bed bug or not, since they are often found in rows and have a slightly different appearance of a ticks or mosquito’s, there is a problem if you can’t see the marks.

One would expect to see a bite mark after every time they feed, however it is all about whether or not your body is sensitive enough to have a reaction with the substances that the bed bug is injecting in you while feeding.

That said, you may see rashes on your body, a few red dots or in some cases, nothing at all. That makes it even more difficult to tell if you need bed bug treatment or not. The only sure thing is that they don’t discriminate who they are going to infest and they don’t really care how clean your house is. Once you start noticing that something is not right, always do a routine inspection around places you sleep or rest. It is best to find them before they grow to very large numbers.

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