Step by Step Guide to Set up a Plex G Drive in a Seedbox

plex G drive

If you’ve been using Torrent for a while you might have faced the following issues –

  • Your local speed is terrible.
  • Content download is slow.
  • You have limited or no local storage to download or save data.

Now, this is enough to spoil the mood of Torrent users. However, before you question why this blog is stating the obvious issues it is because it has the solutions. All you need to do is connect your plex G drive to a seedbox.

However, you haven’t a clue where to get started? Well, worry not and keep reading because this blog will elucidate tips to help you set the process up.

Read on,

  1. X2go Login

Follow these 3 steps for X2go Login:

  • Connect Ocaml Fuse to remount drive.
  • Get a GUI authorization for activating a graphic session.

After this, you’ll be transferred into an X2go session and a terminal where you need to type

“Sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alessandro-strada/ppa -y

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install google-drive-ocamlfuse”

Once you give the code the needful packages will be installed. After this in the terminal once more input the code –


  1. Google Drive Sanction

After the launching of Ocamlfuse, you need to verify your account in Mozilla Firefox, so sign in and authorize. As this to verify whether the account is registered, do the following:

“user@rapidseedbox: ~$ google-drive-ocamlfuse

Access token retrieved correctly.

user@rapidseedbox: ~$”

  1. Configure Seedbox

The key to setting up your plex G drive is set up mount points and creating folders. Check the following by –

“mkdir /home/user/google-drive

google-drive-ocamlfuse /home/user/google-drive”

Now, to check whether the mounting of G-Drive is successful, input their code via the terminal,

“user@rapidseedbox: ~$ df -h | grep googles

google-drive-ocamlfuse 15G 80M 15G 1% /home/user/google-drive

user@rapidseedbox: ~$”

Once verified now download the necessary files into the G-Drive and log out.

On this note, if you’re Kodi user, you should consider Plex Drive for these reasons:

Perfect Synchronization  

If you’re using multiple devices with Kodi, chances are it can become taxing. All you need to do is support network shares to add elements to your devices. Now, if you have your watch list in sync then set up MySQL for connecting Kodi to it.

However, this endeavor is pretty easy with a Plex server. Once you set it up you can add your watch list and log in from any device with a little bit of configuration. Now, this procedure isn’t impossible if you’re using Kodi. However, it is much simpler with plex.

Assimilated PVR System

A third-party program is necessary to connect to Kodi. Only then will it offer PVR functionality along with live-TV. However, even after this is done, users still feel that the PVR isn’t a part of Kodi. The reason being the live data gets segregated into different sections and it becomes difficult to browse things all at once.

However, with Plex, it is a piece of cake! After setting up, content is integrated carefully in the library, thus, facilitating easy recording and browsing.

Well, there you go! This necessary guide states the successful ways to set up a Plex drive in a seedbox, along with why Kodi users can benefit from this.  So, try and follow the above instructions with precision to do the deed and connect the Plex drive to a seedbox.

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