Steps to Follow Before Conducting Pre-Employment Background Check

Background verification or checking is now a tool for HR department to have quality people in an organization. The process includes a number of steps to undergo. Let’s have a quick look at it.

  • Criminal history check
  • Address history checking
  • Social security checking
  • Employment history checking
  • Academic history checking

Usually this background check like Malaysia Police Check process is done by third party organizations. But, there are some steps to follow before conducting background check. In this article you’ll get to learn about all these steps to conduct.

  • Have a Policy

Companies should have proper plan and policies before stepping into background check. Policies can be set by keeping the country’s legal procedure in mind. For different countries the policies may vary. But, there are certain steps which must be followed during and after the background check. Haphazard checking can even lead to legal issues.

  • Get a lawyer

Background checking includes accessing to sensitive information. Certain countries have federal law prohibiting access to certain information. Hence the process if not handled by professional this can bring trouble to the employers. So, it’s better to have a legal advice from your lawyer. This will reduce the chances of incorrect approach of checking.

  • Clear all misunderstanding

Minor mistakes by candidates can be cleared up. Sometime HR policies are too adamant that it increases the chances of losing potential employees. Distinction should be made as to which mistakes should be forgiven and which not. It’ll clear out all the misunderstanding with the employees. Sometimes this single process makes the candidate even more promising.

  • Hire FCRA compliant services

Any third party organizations you’re hiring for pre-employment background check should have FCRA compliant services. This is a simple document which include all the policies regarding do’s and don’ts of background checks. There are countries where criminal checks are considered illegal under background checking process. But, in some this is not illegal. These are the basic do’s and don’ts a FCRA compliant services would hold. This will make the job easier for you to conduct the background check.

  • Access to only necessary information

The process of background check is to ensure hiring better candidate. Some go accessing too much information about the employee which is irrelevant. Only necessary information should be taken keeping the hiring process in mind. If you start questioning on attitude, character, etc you need to provide prior notice to the applicant for that.


Above all, checking an employee’s history is an easy process if you’re following these above steps. Hiring an unfit employee in an organization can cost a hefty loss. So, it’s better to conduct pre-employment background check as a part of hiring process. This also makes the hiring process more effective and productive as well. Taking this loophole in work there have been so many companies flourishing who conduct these background screening for other companies. You can take help from them because it’s near to impossible to conduct the verification single handedly. So, it’s better to take professional help from third party organizations to conduct pre-employment screening.

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