Straight Hairstyles That Capture A Man’s Eye

Attraction towards the opposite gender is human nature. Men attract women through their six-pack body figures, manly dressing etc whereas women try to capture men’s’ hearts through dressing, accessories, makeup and above all hairstyles. Men and women don’t interact openly rather judge the personality traits at first. So, the first impressions must always be nice, shouldn’t they be? Not all men are fond of formal, elegant or stylish hairstyles. There is a specific range of straight hairstyles especially adored and preferred by men. Here’s the treat for the ladies out there.

Stunning Hues

The first and the foremost quality in any hairstyle that captures a man’s attention is the color. Bright and vivid colors either they are overall dyes or in streaked form, catches the limelight. Hence it is advisable to get a dazzling dye done on straight hairs according to the complexion and face structure or else it might not get them. The style that can be worn with hues can vary. For instance, if a blonde girl has streaked her hair in an intense violet color then a twisted bun with a flick taken out from the front along with a head-band would highly suit her. So, the style depends while the color attracts.

Straight Hairstyles That Capture A Man’s Eye

Bangs in Retro Style

This type of straight hairstyle gives a longer and straight hair look. The hair on the front are cut flat slightly above the eyes and the hairs on the sides fall over the shoulders with blow-dry outwards at the ends. This style gives a very cheeky, distinctive and cool effect that highly appeals to the men. It has been worn by many celebrities in a variety of movies thus it proves to be generally appreciated by overall audience.

Long and Simple Vs Long and Wild

Simplicity and wilderness are two entirely opposite styles; maybe the liking depends upon the different natures found in men. Some vote for long and simple with straight dead locks, taken care of in a good condition, as they give a womanly feeling. Others agree to the messy and crazy look of women. They say that hair should not completely seem like straight out-of-bed but instead should be structured in a way that suits the face structure and overall individuality. It is worth mentioning that hairstyles have a huge stance in defining one’s character thus men with different natures find different hairstyles attractive.

Simple Ponytail

Some men find a simple ponytail intensely neat and lively as it gives a sporty and active look. Thus this style can even be worn in case no other hairstyle suits your mood. This hairstyle can be achieved with an absolute ease, in a way that you only need to properly brush your hair and pull them back in a high ponytail with an elastic band. It gives a natural appeal.

In conclusion, hairstyles have a huge impact on the impression they have on others of their persona. Therefore, it is equally important to note that a person must wear that hairstyle that is easy to carry and above all defines their character.

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