SyncMate Makes Mac Syncing Easier

SyncMate Makes Mac Syncing Easier

Syncing data between Mac and numerous devices can be done easily by using SyncMate. SyncMate offers hurdle free smooth data syncing between Mac and multiple devices. You can see and manage the data of all your devices at your Mac device by using SyncMate. You can connect your devices with your Mac device and within less than a minute, SyncMate will sync all your data. You can make changes in your files and SyncMate will save it as you want. No data will be lost if you are using SyncMate as it keeps your data protected by making backup of all your important data.

SyncMate Makes Mac Syncing Easier

SyncMate 6 is available in two editions. One is SyncMate free edition and the other one is SyncMate Expert edition. SyncMate Free edition sync important data including calendars and contacts for free. SyncMate Expert provides some additional options including syncing folders, iTunes, bookmarks, iphoto and much more. Both of these editions of SyncMate are specifically designed to make sync for Mac easier.

Supported Devices

SyncMate allows you to sync variety of devices as well as online accounts. It supports Android devices, other Mac devices, iOS devices, MTP devices, Mounted device, Dropbox, Google account, iCloud, Office 365 Home, Office 365 business, and Outlook account. It is an all in solution for data syncing problem. You can simply connect any device by using Bluetooth, wifi, or data cable with your Mac device and sync all of them just with a single click by using SyncMate.

SyncMate is probably the only Mac sync software that allows syncing Mac with multiple devices simultaneously (Android devices, unlimited quantity of iOS devices, other Macs, any MTP devices, and mounted storages). No need to purchase several sync solutions in order to sync your Mac with each device — just download SyncMate and all supported devices will be synced within one application.

SyncMate can sync data not only with numerous devices, but also with online accounts and cloud storages! Sync data with Outlook and Office 365, iCloud storage, Google account (Google Drive is supported), or even with your Dropbox account!

SyncMate lets you sync your Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, Safari bookmarks, iTunes, Photos. SyncMate lets you read and manage your SMS messages as well as text your friends and watch through Call History directly from your Mac. Moreover, SyncMate offers you to sync your devices automatically in the background.


SyncMate offers lots of features to the user. Using SyncMate, you can easily sync folders between Android and Mac. Also, you can sync your favorite videos and images and share them online. SyncMate also offers you SMS management. You can create, delete or send messages from your Mac device if SyncMate is installed in your device.

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