Tech Toys Every Gadget Lover Needs To Own

Tech Toys Every Gadget Lover Needs To Own

Maybe you’re finished your holiday shopping. Perhaps you’re just getting started. You might be looking forward, towards a birthday or some other special occasion. If the person you’re shopping for has any interest at all in technology, you really can’t go wrong with a tech toy or gadget. There are some really awesome and affordable options out there today – and some are just too cool to pass up.

Paper Airplane Engines

Made by PowerUp, the Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit will take any little boy’s paper airplane and ensure it stays in the air for a good 30 seconds. That’s a lot longer than  most paper airplanes stay in flight, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Your airplane enthusiast will still need to fold his or her own airplane, but this $17.00 gadget is a worthy investment.

Anki Drive

This is one of  2013’s newest tech creations and it’s earned a lot of buzz. The Anki Drive race car kit incorporates artificial intelligence, LED technology, and iOS technology to create some of the coolest racing sequences I’ve ever seen. The artificial intelligence features will even let you race against another car when there isn’t actually another person present to play with. How cool is that? This one isn’t for your youngest gift recipients – more for the mature audience – with a price tag of around $200.

Tech Toys Every Gadget Lover Needs To Own

Little Bits Construction Kits

These are really cool kits for children and adults alike. If you know someone who is fascinated by the inner workings of alarm clocks or who likes to take things apart and put them back together again, these kits are perfect. The kits teach the recipient how to create circuits to use with timers, neon signs, and other cool gadgets. Kits average $99, but guarantee hours of fun and education at the same time.

Filip Smartwatch

Hello? A Smartwatch? Yes, that’s just what I said – and if you have kids, you’re just going to LOVE this. Smartwatches are relatively new and they’re sort of expensive. Some people say they aren’t even that smart yet. This one is perfect for children, though. The bright  neon colors and designs appeal to children , ensuring they’ll actually wear the watch. The cool part is that it does have a smartphone feature and it has a GPS tracker, so you can keep track of where your young one is at all times. This watch is only sold by AT&T for now, and comes with a price tag of $199. Depending on where you live, this might be the perfect solution to your scheduling problems.

Tech toys and gadgets can be a ton of fun and there is something out there for every single age group and in every price category!

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