Temperature Control: Delivering Top Quality Cargo

Temperature Control: Delivering Top Quality Cargo

Improper temperature control is the main reason why perishable cargo is sometimes lost in the supply chain. Modern transportation companies understand the value and importance of temperature monitoring and therefore opt for a monitoring solution.

Temperature Control Delivering Top Quality Cargo

Wide Range of Temperature Control Solutions

There is a variety of remote temp monitoring solutions on the market. These include tracking of vehicles in transit, container access control, thermal quilts, temperature tracking and more. Although highly sophisticated, usually temperature controllers that run the equipment are very easy for the driver to use.

The common benefits of temperature monitoring solution

  • It uses sensors to alert if any changes in cargo temperature occur and ensures, that cargo temperature stays within the acceptable range
  • Provides reports to optimize refrigerator performance
  • It helps to minimize temperature-related cargo rejections, reduces spoilage claims and cuts redelivery costs

Ruptela‘s Temperature Monitoring Solution

The main purpose of this solution is to monitor trailer’s temperature, condition of fast spoiling cargo and ensure continuous operation of refrigerators, such as Optitemp, Carrier and ThermoKing. Maintaining the requisite trailer temperature and securing continuous operation of refrigerating equipment is essential for the successful transportation of such cargoes. Temperature can be monitored by Ruptela manufactured temperature sensors or by gathering data out of refrigerating equipment.These solutions allow companies to monitor and control their vehicles with refrigerators and timely react to temperature alarms, as well as to ensure cargo safety and trace cargo temperature throughout its journey. Unexpected refrigerating equipment failure or sudden temperature changes alerts will allow truck driver to take actions to protect the cargo without any delay. With multiple customized and scheduled report options Ruptela offers the ability to manage any cargo’s temperature.

How Ruptela’s Temperature Sensors Work

The temperature sensors are designed for measuring the temperature of the refrigeratorsand thecargo.Thedata is collected usingthe GPS tracking device and is transmitted to the vehicle tracking system.The sensors operate within the accuracy of ±0.5°C in the temperature range from -40°C to +120°C ±0.5°C.

So whether your shipping needs are fresh products,pharmaceuticals or frozen products, or any other temperature sensitive product, or whether you operate multi-temperature, multi-zone trailers or are responsible for a vehicle with refrigerators fleet, own a refrigerated rail or sea containers, you can rely on Ruptela’s temperature monitoring solutions. Ruptela will provide complete control to protect refrigerated cargo and optimize transportation. Although temperature monitoring systems are nothing new, contemporary and sophisticated software such as Ruptela‘s can indeed surprise fleet owners or managerswith its extensivecapabilities. Ruptela’s products and their advanced features provide a supply chain solution customizable to fit any companies temperature monitoring and control needs.

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