The 4 Biggest Mistakes In Digital Marketing

The 4 Biggest Mistakes In Digital Marketing

People will often tell you that you can learn more from your mistakes than you can from your successes, and whilst this might hold true, when those mistakes are made as a digital marketer they could have been seen by an audience of hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. And with an audience that size seeing your mistakes it could potentially end up costing your company a considerable amount of potential revenue. If your digital marketing campaigns are not getting the results you were hoping for then a digital marketing agency in Manchester may be able to help you, but if you’d rather look at correcting any mistakes you’ve already made yourself first, then here, we outline four of the biggest mistakes that people make in digital marketing – are you guilty of any of these?

The 4 Biggest Mistakes In Digital Marketing

1. Not having a clear strategy

Jumping into digital marketing without a clearly defined strategy is one of the biggest mistakes that many companies make. Used correctly digital marketing can be one of the most powerful tools you have available to you; there are a huge number of channels that you can tap into to great effect but if this is done badly then you are not doing your company any favours at all. Signing up for lots of social media sites is a great idea but you need to have a plan of how you intend to use them, posting ad hoc does not help to build up a good following. Set out the goals and objectives that you have, identify your target audience; this will help you to keep your actions constant and in return should yield a better return on your investment.

2. Not targeting the right audience

The importance of identifying your target audience can’t be stressed enough. If you are targeting the wrong people then you will simply not be achieving the expected levels of revenue and any money that you have invested into your digital marketing, no matter how good, will all have been wasted.

3. Not measuring the results

Thinking up the marketing ideas and putting them into practise is only a small part of a digital marketing campaign. You need to make sure that you are keeping an eye on the results and making sure that you are getting a good return for the time and money you have invested in any campaign. If your digital marketing is not going as planned the good news is that once launched it is not static so you could tweak details; you can alter posts keywords and other information to help you reach your target audience better. Over time this will allow you to optimise your content so that you can reach any goals you might have set.

4. Forgetting the importance of mobiles

If you think mobile is not important then think again because you could be missing out on a huge potential audience. People use their smartphones for everything, from looking up information to using social media. If you are not offering a mobile website version of your digital marketing, or have not considered some form of mobile app then you are making a huge mistake. Do some research, create a campaign that includes mobiles and makes sure you test it out.

Whether you look for professional help or try to correct any mistakes yourself, it’s essential for your business that you look carefully at your strategy now and in the future to ensure you’re getting all you can out of digital marketing.

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