The 5 Consequences Of Skipping Car Servicing

When you have a limited budget and you go on checking the top priority things you will need to invest in, many of us consider delaying the car service. If you are thinking that delaying or skipping car services doesn’t matter and instead help you save some pounds, think again. Doing more frequently, this practice can only make you pay more in car repair bills. Even worse, it can put your safety at high risk.  

The 5 Consequences Of Skipping Car Servicing

Timely Servicing Is Crucial For Well-Being Of Your Car

Getting your car serviced as instructed in the user manual will help you keep it running efficiently and safely always. This will also ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle and add more good-performance years to its lifespan. If there are any small issues, those can be repaired with tangible cost while servicing. Identifying the troubles at an early stage can save you a lot of stress and a large sum of repair bills later.

When you Overlook the importance of Regular Car Service

Well-kept cars ensure excellent fuel efficiency, minimal carbon emission, and overall optimal performance. But what will happen if you go on skipping car services more often? Just read on.

Inefficient functioning of the engine due to oil sludge: As you are not taking your car for timely servicing and thus considering you are also skipping on the oil change schedule, it is most likely that your vehicle engine has built up oil sludge over time, which will prevent then normal functioning of the engine. The oil sludge can cause severe damage to your engine.

A potential safety risk: What can be more horrible than having a sudden car breakdown while on the road? It can pose a high safety risk for you and passengers on board. While all different parts and components of your car need to be inspected regularly and well-kept to ensure your safety while on the road, but parts like suspension, steering and brakes are the most vulnerable ones. When you take your car for full service, all these parts are inspected for abnormal wear or any kind of damage they may have.

Premature and abnormal wear and tear: certainly all parts and components witness aging and need to be replaced at a certain point. But stretching your service schedule can cause their early death. Or you can see severe wear and tear in many parts of your vehicle in the lack of good maintenance. Delaying the service will not do any good to you, but it can surely cause more harm to your car and pocket too. Instead of spending a big amount on car repair later, it is a smarter choice to avoid expensive repairs by considering timely servicing and good maintenance.

Excessive fuel consumption: We all know how fuel price keeps increasing these days. And skipping your scheduled service call will increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption. What do you find a cheaper option now?

Other damages and a lot of inconveniences: When you continue driving a non-serviced car for longer, you will cause a significant damage to many expensive parts and invite many new repairs. If your car doesn’t have a logbook record of regular car servicing, your vehicle may not be considered for the warranty. And all these can cause you a great deal of inconvenience.

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