The Age Old Debate; Are Degrees Important or Skills?

The Age Old Debate; Are Degrees Important or Skills

One of the most talked about debates in the recent times is whether obtaining a degree is important or having skill? Although recruiters set degrees as the prerequisite to hiring any candidate, skills also form an important part. Education is certainly a vital part of the career but it does not guarantee a job unless one learns how to apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical work. And when you apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical work; you require specific skills those are not taught as a part of the degree program.

Why both Degree and Skill are important?

Degree and skills, both are important to succeed in one’s career. Experts say that skill without the degree is the same as a degree without skill. In order to survive in this competitive world, both degree and skills are required. A person may have the skill but may not have the degree; similarly, a degree holder may not have the required skill. The necessity of degree and skill often depends on the organization and the designation.

Listed below are the facts about degree and skill which will let you understand which is of more significance:

  • A degree confirms that the person has the knowledge about the work and has the ability to do justice to the work. On the other hand, skill is something that is not taught but is achieved by an individual. And in order to achieve the target; skill is the thing that is required.
  • A degree forms an integral part of personality development and this is the thing that makes a person more confident. Unlike degree, skill cannot be evaluated on paper or certificate. With experience and continual practical implications, a person becomes skilled.
  • A degree can help a person to grab a job. But to achieve success and grow in one’s career, skill is required but a degree alone cannot help you grow.
  • A degree can help to get respect and admiration but skill is the thing that attracts the recruiters and clients.
  • A degree can earn you status as well as money. The degrees you may have acquired bear testimony to your credibility and solidify your position in the organization. However, if you turn the pages of history books, you will see that most of the well-known personalities unmatched skills but not degrees or certifications.

So, it can be said that getting a degree has its own significance but it is the skill that can eventually help you in your career growth. A degree is an important step in the ladder of skills which can eventually help in making one’s life successful.

The degrees from the educational institute set your mind on a track on how to learn, while skills teach you how to apply the things that you have learnt. Only having theoretical knowledge will limit you and your chances for career growth. Nowadays, the recruiters while hiring a candidate focus on the degree as well as the person’s language and communication skills, behavioural skills and management skills. Always remember that your CV claiming your degrees might help you to get a call for the interview, but it is your skill that will eventually help you bag the job and grow in the profession.

Since both degrees and skills form an integral part of the career; therefore the premier colleges like Guru Nanak Institute Of Technology ensure that each of their students gets not only the theoretical knowledge but also practical hands on experience to deal with tough situations. This is why these institutes arrange various kinds of training programs where the students get to work with other companies. This helps in getting a lot of exposure and helps them to interact directly with the experienced professionals.

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