The Benefits Of An MRI

When you consider how far medical technology has advanced just in the last one-hundred years, it is amazing. One example is an MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging test. This test provides doctors with a way to obtain detailed pictures of tissues and organs. This can help diagnose problems as well as “rule out” suspected causes of symptoms.

The Benefits Of An MRI

What is an MRI?

The typical MRI is basically a magnet that is shaped somewhat like a doughnut. The patient will lie on a table that slowly slides inside a tunnel. Three dimensional images are taken of certain areas. The patient must stay perfectly still to prevent the images from being blurry. Sometimes it is difficult to do an MRI on certain people, particularly those who are claustrophobic, because of the constricted space of the tunnel.

An MRI was not always possible if the patient was too tall or too heavy due to the small space. This lead to the invention of an open MRI. They have an opening that is larger. It can benefit people who are nervous about being in tight spaces as well as taller and heavier people. One example of a company offering an open mri new jersey is Middletown Medical Imaging.

What Benefits Does an MRI Provide?

An MRI can provide images of the body that are not clearly visible using ultrasounds, CAT scans, or X-rays. It can be used to look at virtually all parts of the body including the heart, ears, eyes, the circulation system, spinal cord, lungs, and brain. Other areas of the body that an MRI helps doctors to see more clearly are ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and joints.

Preparing for the MRI

One of the best things about an MRI is that no preparation is necessary. Other tests can require fasting. An MRI uses radio waves and a magnetic field to capture the images that allow doctors to see different parts of the body. Because of the magnetic field, if a patient has anything metal in their body, they need to inform their doctor. This could cause a problem and the doctor will decide if foregoing the test is the best choice.

Since an MRI does not use radiation it is considered much safer than other methods. In addition, the benefits of being able to see particular areas of the body quite clearly can aid doctors in diagnosing problems and providing treatment.

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