The Contradictions Between Hard Enamel Pins and Soft Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins

It might be tough for you to choose between soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. Well, you don’t need to do a PHD on this subject to make a distinction between the two. Depending upon your need you have to make a choice. Soft enamel pins are commonly used pins and popularly known among majority of people.

Whereas hard enamel pins also known as cloisonné pins, are the non-painted metal. Sometimes the metal mold can be painted and polished providing smoother and less textured surface.

The difference in making the two

By laying enamel into recessed or lowered areas, the custom soft enamel pins are created. Then the enamel is put in the oven to set. Only one round of paint is applied to make soft enamel pins. Whoever makes these pins use higher ridges in order to restrain the enamel paints to mix. These create a textured and bumpy feel in that pin. You can even feel the metal if you run finger on it.

Whereas the hard enamel pins are made while using a number of rounds of paint. To create the pin, all the paints are painted simultaneously. In this case also higher ridges are used to restrain the enamels to mix up.

Different benefits of these two pins

Although both of the pins have their own drawback and benefits. Let’s have a close look in order to understand which type you should choose to fulfill your need.

Versatility and durability

Soft enamel pins are a step higher in the case of versatility. You can customize any design to make soft enamel pins. But, the colors should be solid. Even though if you look at these pins from a distance, you will see that interesting look always. Although these pins don’t take much time to make but it provides you long term durability without a doubt.

However hard enamel pins can easily beat soft enamel pins in durability. Once you purchase hard enamel pins, it’s considered to be one of the life-time investment as it doesn’t lose its shine even after years of purchase. If you want a smoother pin for your need then hard enamel pin will go perfectly


The design of these two pins can be confusing for you to take your decision. Enamel pins can only be designed with solid colors. In making both type of pins the paint is applied several times with detailed attention.


One of the most common factors to choose between the hard and soft enamel pins is the price. Although prices may vary based on pin’s size and enamel type. If you want quality, then it’s more important that you decide your budget first and then choose the best one according to availability.


There are organizations that offer modified work on lapel pins. They have all the data accessible on their sites regarding estimation and all. Most of the organizations expect you to submit data on their statement.

This will typically incorporate your contact data, a depiction of the sort of Hard enamel pins you are hoping to arrange. When you present the structure the organization will demand your prerequisite and get in touch with you with an assessed cost.

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