The Future Of Big Data Is Bigger Than You Probably Imagine

Big Data

“The advantages” that may be gained from big data “are so limitless because we now have data on everything and it can help us get new insights on everything.” Bernard Marr

The concept of big data is growing in vastness on a daily basis. It seems hard to keep track of what people are doing with it, let alone conjecturing what may be achieved with it. You cannot possibly, set an upper limit to that.

The amount of data has been showing exponential growth since mankind has tried to keep track of it. Quoting a famous philosophy: “Data expands to fill the space available” “Large amounts of data are being retained because users have no way of identifying obsolete data”

The Future Of Big Data Is Bigger Than You Probably Imagine

Data has escalated to an amount that makes it impossible to ignore the penalties for storing obsolete data. So the future of big data depends on intelligently discarding obsolete data. Well, edge analytics should see this problem through securing a long life for the world wide reign of big data.

Global skill gap in the fields of data science and data analytics confirms the fact that businesses are becoming increasingly dependable on data driven insights. What matters all the more is how companies across the world are leveraging data. Netflix collects information regarding your choice of movies or serials on the television, the amount of time you spend in front of the TV screen; education sites like udemy and coursera collect data on what you want to learn. They use the data to anticipate consumer behavior and improve their services and resultantly, business.

We willingly expose ourselves on the web, in search engines and social networking sites, putting a reflection of our selves to be seen and analyzed. This is how we make ourselves an active part of the humongous frame work called big data. What we talk about the most is the business side of big data, how it influences decisions, what we miss are the social implications. With machine learning being associated with big data and the advent of advanced analytical tools, the time should not be far away when data will become a key metric of governance just as it has already started to transform healthcare.

MARKO A. RODRIGUEZ in his article introduces us with the staggering idea of Universal Graph where the whole world is connected through a network of data or simply, the world is a huge database under the control of a computer that analyzes every bite of data to govern over the people. Well, this is how unimaginable the future of big data can be. I must say this is kind of uncanny but which technological development came without creating a bit of awe?

Bernard Marr opines that excellent big data with all the other technological advancements can transform every job on the planet. Yes, it has an immense power to disrupt the job market. While big data is creating a lot of jobs today it will kill a good many jobs in the future too. Problems and solutions follow each other in turns; the need of human intelligence will never be done with, or we imagine so.

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