The Future Of The Legal System: An Empathetic Attorney

legal system

I bumped across an entrepreneurial friend of mine in a party once and was stumped to here, “Why are you the sole lawyer i like?”. This comes from a woman who works with law enforcement and the judicial process of the United States. This question made me ponder the state of empathy in front of the law.  

legal system

Hey, we hear you!

A good lawyer places logic before empathy. I clearly understand the frustration and pain you are going through- else i wouldn’t be here. I respect your situation. Your livelihood and reputation is hanging by a thread. Yes, i understand that clearly than anybody else would. Effective lawyers understand that. In all cases, we respect our client’s perspective on his/her situations.

Just because we don’t reveal our hidden emotions doesn’t mean we care about your situation and are rather dreaming of ways to fleece you off your heard earned cash, think again. The client is bound to be more emotionally attached to the case than the lawyer. That’s the primary reason you hire an attorney like me- i’m more clear headed and can come up with logical, brutally honest opinions based on facts and assemble evidence to build up your judgement.

You want revenge, we intend to get you exactly that- the logical and legal way, of course!

We don’t get paid to play the class clown

There are times when i have to be brutally honest with my clients:

  • That’s not how the Law works
  • You clearly don’t have a case here

A prime reason the world needs our services is that the Law isn’t always black and white. If the answers were indeed simple and easy to find, you wouldn’t be needing hard hitters like us.

There are times both sides of the case need to compromise by hard choices and then there are those occasions where i have to tell you that you screwed up. Then again, we are hired to to salvage preventable problems and cook up solutions based on facts and evidence. And i don’t sugar coat my advice either.

So if you need a lawyer who can empathise with you and still come up with hardline solutions to solve your issue, then yes, i’m an empathetic lawyer.

We are saving your money

As a lawyer, please do consider that we work on a eat-what-you-kill basis of income. Everything depends on my ability to clear my client’s case and bill them by the book. If you require an empathy session, i’m more than willing to hear your problems but do expect that you will be charged according to the time we share.

On usual days, i have a busy schedule of working for multiple cases. While i’m at it, i may switch off my cellphone as calls will affect my ability to think clearly and come up with effective solutions degrading my productivity.

legal system

After several conversations, it does feel great that most of my fellow legal eagles friends feel the same. To know more, pay us a visit.

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