The Hassles Related To Outsourcing and The Way To Solve Them

Outsourcing does have its boons but it also has its share of nightmares. One fine morning you may have the CEO of the outsourcing company calling you to say that half the staff is gone and your project is stalled. This comes like a bolt from the blue. You suffer grave business losses and perhaps swear never to outsource your work again!

The Hassles Related To Outsourcing and The Way To Solve Them

Capital Numbers, a start up in Kolkata, established in 2012, understood the woes of businessmen like you and this is why it created an innovative model of remote staffing to take care of your diverse business needs on the digital front. This Organization did not believe in freelancers managing your project. It went a step further and provided to you qualified and skilled staff trained in the service domain you are interested in. This means you get a professional who is perfectly skilled and well-versed in the latest technologies and methodologies to manage your business applications. Better still, you do not have to hire a separate in-house staff to do the work for you as you can hire remote staff from Capital Numbers as and when needed.

Thanks to this unique thought, a number of start-ups to large establishments could erase their outsourcing nightmares; additionally, Capital Numbers has grown extensively in the market. It has bagged awards and today has offices in India, Australia and the USA. The growth has been phenomenal – from a $325 small start-up to a $200,000 company and from a unit of few members on board to a team of over 250 professionals across the globe!

Its clientele consists of big names like Harvard University, Edelman, Ordina and Doosan. It does not confine its services to big industrial names only. The small to medium businesses can also avail its top quality outsourcing services to smartly advance in the online market. The professionals are dedicated to every project they manage. They give you tailor-made solutions to all your business needs!

Capital Numbers believes in nurturing and taking care of its employees so that you get your productive best. This is the sole reason why people working here are passionately involved with your project. The Company is an ISO 9001 accredited, D&B Rated and a Certified Google Partner. It offers you genuine, reliable and scalable business application solutions. It helps you with digital marketing, mobile and web applications. In short, it takes care of all your digital media and marketing needs with expertise.

Outsourcing is undoubtedly a blessing if you hire the right people to do the job for you. Fortunately, a few are able to identify and get the best. Thanks to the patronage and trust of their esteemed clients, Capital Numbers has crossed 2000th project in just a span of 3 years and is still going strong!

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