The Importance Of Air Filter In The Proper Functioning Of The HVAC System

Air conditioning has become a vital part in today’s life. It provides comfort to everyone especially during the hot season by efficiently maintaining the temperature and humidity level of your home to make everyone comfortable.  It is important that you maintain your air conditioning system regularly to ensure that you get proper cooling.
The Importance Of Air Filter In The Proper Functioning Of The HVAC System
The filter is one of the most important parts of an HVAC system which will ensure fresher, cleaner, and healthier air. It can induce extensive damage to the system if your air filter is clogged. Air filter may be of different types, each of which offers different benefits.  You need to clean or change a clogged air filter thereby saving you significant costs for its operation.
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Factors that affect how frequently you should change your AC filter

  • In case you have a smoker in your house or a pet, you will have to change your air filter frequently.
  • You need to keep your filter perfectly clean if you happen to have a family member who is suffering from allergies or asthma to ensure that all sorts of allergens or contaminants are eliminated.
  • The frequency of replacing the filter also depends on the duration the HVAC system spends running. You must most probably change your filter once in every three week in case your AC runs 24/7. You can change once in every 5-6 weeks if the duration of running is less.

Efficiency of cooling
The air conditioner that is clogged with dirt or debris from the filter will not operate efficiently. Your system need to work harder and will consume huge amount of energy in order to get the desired cooling result. Changing of air filter on regular basis not only saves time but also your money. Above all, air conditioner that works less will have longer lifetime with a few repairs.
Healthy cooling
The air inside your house will be cleaner and healthier if your air filter is clean. An inefficient or unclean air conditioner contributes additional waste to the environmental air pollution and may result in emissions of greenhouse gas.
Wear and Tear
If you have this habit of keeping your air filter dirty, eventually, you will notice some wear and tear of the unit. The dirt which escapes the air filter may restrict the flow of air through the AC unit and debris might fill your coil and may freeze up the unit. Overtime you will also need to replace your compressor and this will cost you lot of bucks.
Choosing an air filter
The efficiency values of the air filters will help you in choosing your best filter for the air conditioner of your home. The efficiency value may range from 1 to 12. Higher the value, higher will be the filtration capacity and cleaning of your filter. It is also worth noting that higher value filters will consume more power in order to pull the air through. You can also choose an air filter that has a medium efficiency value.
Maintaining your air conditioner is very much important in order to ensure smooth operating and controlled expenses.

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