The Many Ways A Calgary Criminal Lawyer Can Help Your Case

It doesn’t matter if you’re a typical Albertan who believes wholeheartedly in self-sufficiency. When it comes to criminal cases, if you’re arrested in Calgary, the first thing you need to do is to call a lawyer. Calgary criminal lawyers can help you in ways that may even surprise you.

  1. They can make sure that the police can only talk to you through them. That means you won’t be able to tell the police anything that can then be used against you in court.
  2. They can make sure that you’re given bail if it’s possible. They can also negotiate down the amount you have to pay to get yourself released from jail. They can make sure that the bail amount is something that you can actually afford.
  3. Lawyers can inspect the evidence offered by the Crown prosecutors, and they may even be able to have some evidence against you tossed out of court.
  4. You could lose your job over your criminal case. However, for some cases such as impaired driving, your lawyer may be quick enough to resolve the matter that your employer won’t even hear about your legal problems.
  5. Your reputation may also suffer as a result of the case against you. This is especially true for cases such as sexual assault, in which there is often no presumption of innocence in the public eye. Your lawyer can help present your case to the press so that the damage to your reputation can be mitigated.
  6. You’re also able to rely on your lawyer for emotional support. Criminal charges against you can be a traumatic experience, and it helps when you see a capable professional taking your side. Your lawyer can even arrange for a counsellor to help you get through this trying time.
  7. They also have investigative professionals who can mount their own investigation of the case. These pros may find new evidence that helps your case. The problem with the police is that when they feel that they have enough evidence against you, they’re not motivated to investigate further. But your lawyers will.
  8. Experienced defence lawyers are also skilled in negotiating plea bargains, so that even if you’re really guilty of a serious charge you may only be convicted of a less serious crime. This is especially true if you’re a first time offender or if you have special circumstances.
  9. Even if you’re found guilty, your lawyer can help represent you in your sentencing hearing, so it doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll serve the maximum sentence for your crime.
  10. Hiring a criminal defence lawyer may actually cost you less money in the long run. Your lawyer can cut down on the fines you have to pay, or get you a shorter sentence. They may also help you keep your job. The financial consequences of a longer jail time and getting fired may be much greater than your legal fees.

So if you’re ever involved in criminal matters in Calgary, do yourself a favour and get a good lawyer. Experienced Calgary criminal lawyers can make sure you get the full protection of the law — and minimize your expenses along the way.

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