The Marc Valvo Show – Playing With Tradition

Beads have been in trend since a very long time and the trend of these beads continue to flourish at a consistently growing pace and the same was showcased by the famous designer Carmen Valvo, who is one of the highly designated and well acknowledged designers of the red carpet. This event in which the worth of beads was produced took place in the spring of 2014 show. The collection that was showcased by the designer was referred to as cultural collision for tribal patterns that are traditional and in these dresses there was an abundance of beads. The dresses ranged from cocktail dresses to the evening gowns comprising of a perfect blend of chiffon as well as lace and all of these dresses had a single thing in common; they looked horizontally embellished.

The Marc Valvo Show - Playing With Tradition

According to some popular views as well as expert comments, the designer portrayed tradition in a look that the approach assisted the designer and the dresses created to become favourite of celebrities like Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Vanessa Williams, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah and many more. Many of such celebs could be found at the show, taking snapshots of the dresses they would like to wear with their cell phones. There were traditional cocktail dresses that dropped a little below the knee and then there were the famous ball gowns which were uncharacteristic. The materials and the variety included sporty edge with different blends and combinations in leather, fabric and sport mesh. These designs were even used for swimsuits and were beaded.

Active Influence by Valvo

Further down the duration of show, the fashion designer Valvo presented on the runway a series of dresses that exhibited pure charm. Among these dresses were a variety of scuba encouraged striped as well as form fitting cocktail dresses that were made from modern and high tech fabrics that were expected to be seen on the runway as stated by a variety of critics as well as fashion experts. Monochrome colour blocked and graphical cut out harked to the designer of seminal 1960, Rudy Gernreich. This designer was made world renowned owing to the forward and liberal thinking that was implemented in the dresses like the famous monokini.

Texture & Videos say it All

During this spectacular walk, the dresses that were showcased had a variety of textures as well as colours and sheer mesh was paired along with black leather; thus elaborating boundaries. The lace took a graphical edge and was configured all round the cornered rectangles. As the noon passed, the designers started taking inspiration from four hundred year old Bahrain life tree; thus giving fresh as well as youthful appeal to prints of palm leaves and even daisies. All kinds of dresses came with relaxed pleats such as blouses, gowns and trousers; however strapless gowns came with teardrop embellishments; thus giving these gowns as well as the worn skirts a sense of free movement. Later in the coming week, some other designers would be featuring gowns and dresses.

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