The World Popular Zero Fat Breakfast From Southern India

Most of the southern Indians are huge fans, this breakfast called Idly which is a cholesterol free and easily digested. The idly is the simplest recipe to cook with no expertise skills required. These are prepared with no oil and fat proteins. These best served breakfast in entire southern India and now become more popular than any other breakfast which so better than other breakfasts available. Using some simple ingredients, this very healthy dish can be prepared within few minutes.

Idly is a soft steam cooked cake that made from the mixture of rice flour and lentils. This idea of steam cooking was originated from southern India. Using this basic require, we can prepare many varieties of idly with many flavors. The majority of doctors suggests this breakfast to their patients. For those who are under diet this breakfast helps a lot, it helps in weight loss because of its zero fat ingredient usage and simply prepared under steam cooking.

Helps in Weight Loss

The idlies are prepared especially under steam cooking in special molded plates. These are zero fat food material type. The normal idly contains just 40 calories, without any fat. The idly can be eaten with different fluid recipes like sambar which is being so delicious and helpful for health.

The World Popular Zero Fat Breakfast From Southern India

Available Anywhere, Any Season

This breakfast is very popular even you can find it any corner shop of any city. It becomes most basic breakfast that majority people order in any breakfast centres irrespective of their shop status. Idly so delicately and closely prepared in a steam container, so nothing goes wrong, no impurities can be mixed up.

So Many Varieties

For people who are weight loss diet but want to taste different food recipes, idly offers so many varieties. Using the basic ingredients and adding different other ingredients we can make verities of idly. These are also used as evening snacks, some of verities are idly Upma, idly sandwich, Poha idly, Rava idlies… etc.

Different Combinations

We can eat idly with combination of different tastes and flavors. Most popular combinations are idly-sambar, this is the most popular combination of idly recipe that anyone can recognize. There are many different combinations are available in different regions chutney, coconut chutney, zinger chutney, spinach idly, oats idly, tomato chutney, masala powder chutney, tava idly, vegetable idly, moongdal idly… and so many.

Simple Preparation

The idly can be prepared in simple process, just water is required to steam cook the idly mixture. No oil, masala’s or any other ingredients are not required. It’s so soft and smooth preparation process, goes very easily, so anyone can prepare it with no special knowledge required.


Most doctors prefer the idly as the best, healthiest breakfast and suggests to patients and children’s in hospitals. Idly helps with weight loss diet for many obese people, it also gives lowest calories to human.

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