These Are The Reasons Why Your Toddler Wakes Up At Night

These Are The Reasons Why Your Toddler Wakes Up At Night

Sleep is a form of re-energizer and is known to fix a number problems that humans face. Babies experience a lot of problems while sleeping and one major problem of them is waking up in the middle of the night. A lot of parents report that their toddlers generally wake up at night and this causes a discomfort and sleep deficiency for both the toddler as well as the parents. Most of the parents do not know the reason why their toddler wakes frequently at night. If you are one of such parents, then this blog is for you. Here are some possible reasons behind waking up of your baby at night.

These Are The Reasons Why Your Toddler Wakes Up At Night

Nightmares and Night Fears

Dream is a process that could lead your child to a fairy land or can lead to a nightmare as well. You must have noticed your baby smiling during sleeping, a possible reason of the same is a good dream and nightmares cause exactly opposite. If your baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night, then there is high possibility of a nightmare.

Food Intolerance

Both metabolism and digestive system of babies are bit complex and there isn’t a particular pattern behind them. Therefore, there is a possibility of food intolerance or indigestion that might cause pain or discomfort in your babies stomach. This leads to the abnormal sleeping patterns or waking up at night.


Teething is a phenomenon in which the babies generally grow out teeth. The process is extremely painful for them and cause uneasiness in the jaw and gum area. A painful sensation in the oral area is enough to awaken a baby from sleep.

Hunger in Tummy

Hunger could possibly be a reason if there is a long gap between the last feeding and sleeping of the baby. Making the baby sleep soon after feeding isn’t also advised as this also causes discomfort. Therefore, you should look for a time which is neither too close nor too far away from the baby’s sleeping time.

Wet Diapers

Babies have no control over their excretory urges and they therefore, can excrete at any time of the night. Wet or dirty diapers make causes irritability, this further causes frustration and the toddler wakes frequently.

Cognitive Leap

Cognitive leap is the process pof massive growth in various areas including social, cognitive and psychological areas. Sleep regression is a common phenomenon during that time and the baby might wake up often due to the same.

Inappropriate Schedule

A very important thing that maintains a good sleep cycle is appropriate schedule. Babies should be made habitual to a schedule without which they will sleep at anytime of the day and the same will lead to their waking up during night.

The main route cause of babies waking up while sleeping is uneasiness and discomfort, making use of baby sleep music is a great option in order to elicit a good and proper sleep. Playing some good music while your baby sleeps is the easiest and yet the most effective way to ensure that the baby sleeps well.

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