Things To Avoid In A Business Partnership!

Things To Avoid In A Business Partnership!

Business partnerships are delicate and sensitive. You have to be very careful when you enter into one. It is crucial for you to ensure that when you are entering into a business partnership, you and your partners should avoid conflicts at all costs. At the same time, it is important for all of you to have regular meetings. These meetings should be held face to face rather than phones and emails. When you are looking for the successful venture with your partners, it is vital for you to ensure that you avoid certain things.

Anura Perera is a business partnership specialist who advises individuals on how to make their ventures successful. He says that when you are a business partner, it is important for you to keep track of certain things. There are some things that you should do and some things that you should not do- when you visit the Anura Perera Kenya office, he gives you valuable inputs for the above.Things To Avoid In A Business Partnership!

Given below is a list that Anura Perera says you should not do when you are going in for business partnering-

  • You should never accept false deadlines when you are dealing with customers
  • In meetings, the facts and the data should be correct. Snap estimates never work and you should never provide them even when you are under pressure.
  • When there are last minute changes to the service or the product, it is very important for you not to accept them blindly. This applies to all the partners that are in the unit. Last minute changes should only be accepted when there is time on hand.
  • The goals and the objectives of your partnership business should be clearly defined. The objectives of the business must be planned well. All of the business partners should agree to the mission statement. It is not prudent for you to accept defined goals and objectives that are very poor in nature. This will hamper the progress and the development of the venture you are in.
  • When it comes to deadlines, ensure you do not resort to unrealistic ones. This is the biggest mistake that you can do. It is important for you to have a practical deadline so that your employees too are not inconvenienced at all. At the same time, you should never cut corners when it comes to meeting your deadlines at all!
  • Customers are important but at the same time, satisfy the needs of the customers that are frivolous. There are some ill advised it is unwise for all of you to listen to them all the time.
  • There are some business partners that take all the credit for the success of the unit and they blame their peers or team-mates on failures. This is a very wrong attitude. Anura Perera says that you must ensure you do not resort to the above.

The Anura Perera Kenya office is one of the most widely sought after places for business partners looking for credible and trustworthy advice to operate their units!

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