Things To Consider When Visiting Mexico

Mexico is a large place and there are many things we can see. Mexico’s richness is often associated with local cultures, tasty cuisine and historical ruins. There are many places that draw visitors each year. We could also enjoy various coastal activities, such as surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, whale watching or simply swimming lazily in a quiet beach. Before enjoying our time in Mexico, we should consider the following things:


When planning to visit a new country, we should check the recent crime rate. At the moment, Mexico is considered as a primary transit point for drug traffickers. However, crimes actually occur in specific areas. Possible crime in Mexico is purse snatching, armed robberies, taxi robberies, pick pocketing, extortion and even kidnapping.

However, popular tourist areas usually have lower crime rate. If we want to avoid crime, it is important to blend with the crowd and avoid wearing anything flashy. Jewelry and expensive bags could attract the attention of criminals and thieves. In fact, we should give off an impression that we are less wealthy tourist. It is a good idea to purchase a money belt and it will much harder to steal. If we are trapped in a crowd, it is a good idea to put our finger on the zip of our money belt, to avoid from opening it.


When travelling in Mexico, we should stay away from uncooked food, such as peeled fruits and salad. If we want to eat fruit, we should peel it ourselves and there are cooked vegetable dishes that we can try. We should always drink hot beverages and not anything with ice. We should drink bottled water to reduce risks.

Archaeological sites

Mexico is known for its rich history and the country is bestowed with various archaeological gems. There are various ancient civilizations in the country, such as Aztec, Maya, Zapotec, Olmec and Totec. Chichen Itza is the famed Mayan city that we should visit and located about 100 miles from Cancun. Tulum is a Mayan coastal city with picturesque landscape. It is located about 2 hour away from Cancun with a car. Other ruins that we should visit are Teotihuacan, Ek Balam, El Tajin and many others.

Beach resort towns

The local tourist industry in Mexico is contributed significantly by its beach resorts. Many people love beach. Lovers would enjoy the late night strolls on the beach, children would joyously swim in shallow beaches with light waves and adults would just love lying on the sand. There are many beach resort towns in Mexico, such as the Los Cabos.

It is known for the grand rock formations and beautiful beaches. Los Cabos is located at the southern part of the Mexican peninsula and it should be ideal for any kind of water sport. Acapulco should be one of the best coastal towns that we need to visit. These places are known for their tasty cuisine and fabulous nightlife.

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