Things We Should Know About Frescoball

If we walk on the beach on the hot summer afternoon, we could notice the sound of the bouncing rubber ball. In Brazil, this recreational sports is also known as the frescoball. Locals claim that the sports were invented in the Rio de Janeiro. Although the claim may sound somewhat debatable, we know that it is one of the best activities we can do at the beach.

For many people, doing nothing on the beach doesn’t work for them. Some people prefer to do surfing, but it is not every day that the waves are appropriate enough surfing. In some cases, local coast guards personnel forbid surfing due to excessively strong currents. Fortunately, there’s no lack of activity that we can do on the beach and frescoball is one of the more interesting things that we can do. Often, it requires only a rubberball and two small paddles.

For many people, frescoball is a game with no winners or losers. They may even play it leisurely with no points. However, it provides us with a great sense of competition with friends and family members. It is also exciting to see how the rubberballs move back and forth in a beach full with people playing frescoball. It is a game that should be played by everyone.

It’s true that some people have more experience and skills with frescoball than others. However, it is a good game that we should do, if we just want to goof around, instead of doing something serious on the beach. In fact, it takes only 15 minutes for frescoball virgins to get accustomed to the basic concepts and offer decent rallies to the opponents.

The game is exciting enough that we can improve our performance drastically after just a few hours. Our goal is trying to achieve the best rhythm. With enough practice, we should be able to experiment and hit the ball with proper pace. More experienced players could also increase the distance between them to allow for faster and more challenging deliveries.

It’s about getting the ball back to the opponent in a way that he or she can’t hit it back to us. With frescoball, we could apply the same volley strokes that we do in tennis. In this case, we should hit the ball like it’s a punch, instead of a swing. Our wrist should be kept firm on both the backhand and forehand sides. Sometimes, defensive players could like a backboard, while attackers could continue to drill the ball at them.

It means that frescoball is about trying to grab the initiatives from the opponents. Eventually, no one can stay in defensive forever and attackers will win. Frescoball is essentially a table tennis without the usual green tablet and net. Like table tennis, it can be played two against two; or even more than that. It is even possible to play six against six, if there’s enough room in the beach. However, the more players involved, the higher the skills that we need to have.

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