Time to Get Knowledgeable About Asbestos Removal and Disposal

asbestos removal and disposal

Asbestos is injurious to health and therefore you should be always on your toes to eradicate this from the roots. Asbestos removal is also required for the following reasons:

  • Before demolishing any old building
  • Before any maintenance or home improvement that could disturb the asbestos-containing materials
  • When asbestos-containing materials are damaged

It should be done by certified asbestos removal contractors only who have the Health and Safety Executive or HSE license. You must know that during asbestos removal and disposal chances are high that the fibers will be released into the air which is highly dangerous and can cause health issues.

Therefore, it should be done in accordance with the stringent requirements as set by the federal, state, and local authorities. These regulations can vary from state to state and so it is also important that you hire a pro who knows all the state regulations and laws.

asbestos removal and disposal

Cost of Asbestos Removal

Investing in asbestos removal and disposal is for the health benefits of your family and is certainly not a DIY job. As soon as the asbestos is disturbed it will release microscopic fibers which when inhaled will cause problems with the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems. Therefore, to eliminate such risks and contamination of curtains, carpets, bedding, clothing, and footwear hire a pro even if it is expensive.

The cost of asbestos removal will depend on several factors that include:

  • Whether the asbestos exists in solid sheets
  • Whether the asbestos is damaged or broken
  • Whether the asbestos exists on a load bearing wall
  • Whether the asbestos is untreated and raw or sealed with some paint
  • Whether the asbestos is loose dust or is in large chunks
  • Whether there are any obstacles like trees and steep slopes to overcome during the removal process
  • Whether the location of the asbestos is difficult to access
  • The quantity of asbestos to be removed

The Cost Break Down

Apart from the quantity of asbestos removal and disposal and the circumstances, the cost of the job also includes cost of inspection, basic examination, laboratory services and audit report along with the re-inspection cost. Other cost elements include:

  • Removal of fencing and dig out
  • Roofing material, gradient, height
  • Slabs from the shed with overgrown vines on it
  • Internal and external cladding
  • Removal of eaves
  • Asbestos removal from ceilings, pies, and flooring

asbestos removal and disposal

Find A Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

You should never call any inexperienced person for asbestos removal and disposal job not only for the safety and health reasons but also for the fact that you are not allowed by the state government to do so. Any non-compliance to their set rules and regulations regarding asbestos removal will lead to penalties, legal obligation, and lawsuits. Therefore, locate a licensed removal contractor in your area and check their licenses before hiring.

There are usually two types of licenses offered to the asbestos removal contractors namely the Class A and Class B category license. You should hire only a Class A license holder to remove friable asbestos.

Other Jobs to Do 

There are also a few other jobs to do before the actual asbestos removal and disposal process starts. You are supposed to notify your tenants, if any, about such removal so that they can take necessary precautions to protect them from health issues.

You must also get a clearance certificate before the cleared space can be re-occupied. This written statement is essential if the removal work involved any friable asbestos and for non-friable asbestos for more than 10 square meters.

Lastly, you will have to update your asbestos register about the removal of asbestos.

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