Tips To Choose The Best from The Wide Range Of Electrical Cable Accessories

Tips To Choose The Best from The Wide Range Of Electrical Cable Accessories

Electrical installations come in a wide variety of different types, and often require the right accessories to ensure that they’re neat, tidy and safe. However, there’s a huge range of electrical cable accessories to choose from and you need to make sure you get the correct ones for the job you’re doing.

Tips To Choose The Best from The Wide Range Of Electrical Cable Accessories


One of the main things that all jobs need are cable fixings. These are vital to keep everything in place. The type you use will depend on the nature of the installation. Most commonly used are clips to hold cables in place, and these are available for both round and flat cables, so make sure you select the right type. If you’re using heavy duty or armoured cables, then you’ll probably want to use cleats instead. These come in a choice of sizes, to accommodate all cable types.

To keep multiple cables tidy, cable ties are commonly used. These have the advantage that they’re strong and easy to attach, but can also be cut off when you need access for maintenance or to add extra cables. For industrial and commercial applications, there is also a wide range of cable conduit fixings available.


At some point in any electrical installation, cables need to be connected. Once again, there is a wide range of options available, from traditional terminal strips and junction boxes to more sophisticated solutions. A popular option is the Chocbox which provides a neat connection and also protects and insulates it. Available in ratings from 5 up to 30 amps, Chocboxes can be used for power as well as for data and telecommunications connections.

For outdoor use, there are waterproof cable jointing kits available. These come with all of the components you need to make a safe and secure joint that is capable of withstanding all that the elements can throw at it.


There are many instances where electrical cables need protecting. When passing through a hole in a metal box or bulkhead for example the cable will need protection from chafing. This is usually achieved using a grommet or gland and these come in many different sizes to suit various applications.

Sleeving is used to protect and identify cables in custom installations and comes in appropriate colours to easily identify the type of cable. There is also a range of insulating tapes which can be used to make temporary repairs, or in other cases to bind cables to keep them tidy. Waterproof tapes are also available for outdoor use.

To guard the whole installation, it needs to be earthed, and there is a wide variety of accessories available for this including earth rods, fixings and clamps in a range of sizes.

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