With every passing year, the trends in learning and development   (L & D) assume a new shape. Some topics from previous years are still going strong in 2018 such as game mechanics and customized learning paths


Following are the top trends in 2018 which should be known to every e-learning professional:

  • Personalization

Learning paths which are personalized are the top e-learning trends down the previous few years. The reason is that the online ‘One-size-fits-all’ training courses always seem to nose dive below expectations. The learners in the corporate world must focus on areas of improvement, in place of keeping abreast of peers. Personalization of L & D may turn out to be  non-linear course maps of e-learning , online individual training contracts or online training actions that are self-directed. The solution is to give corporate learners the proper online resources for training.

  • Support resources which are bite-sized

It is tough for corporate learners to devote time to online training courses that extend for half hour or more. This holds true when they are busy dealing with challenges at work. Hence corporate L & D needs to depend on bite-sized support resources. Using this, everyone gets the skills to solve their problems. Thus companies can raise their ROI from online training and employees are highly satisfied at work.

  • Gamification

The online training program can provide incentives like leader boards, points and badges through training games. This tool can be used by corporate learners who may lack the drive and passion to participate actively in training. Gamification may also serve as a useful tool for feedback. For instance, when a learner fails to get a point or badge to advance to the next level, it indicates that he or she needs to improve in this area to garner the desired results. But, you have to find incentives which spark motivation. For e.g., some may benefit from leader boards while others may prefer the game mechanics which are less competitive. You can choose whatever type of game based training modules as designed by 3D or 2D animation company in India.

  • Robust analytics and reports

Sources of Big Data like LMS metrics or website stats offer you the ability to constantly boost your L &D strategy. Performance of corporate learners can be tracked to identify trends and patterns and also to throw light on individual weaknesses and strengths. Thus you have power to interfere when required and contribute to the best online, supplemental training resources. Because of this, it is vital to look at an LMS (Learning Management System) featuring robust analytics and reporting.

  • Online training which is self-paced

Corporate learners must proceed at their own pace and concentrate on individual issues for improvement. Online training that is self paced is a top L&D trend of 2018 and onwards because various employees need various resources of online training. They are required to train when it is most convenient for them such that they can effectively recall and retain information. They can set their own schedule, develop target goals and seek autonomously their online training resources like e-learning information.

In sum, these are some facets of the 2018 trends in L&D, via e-learning.

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