Top 5 Causes For Cancer

Top 5 Causes For Cancer

This is one of the dangerous disease can a human get in his life; once they are positive of cancer in their body parts, then it is very hard to face the life physically and mentally. Many people successfully got victory on this disease and having a fantastic life now. The expensive treatment can be affordable for a few people, so only affordable people can get full-fledged treatment of this disease. We cannot judge a particular reason for the cause of the cancer, but they’re a few reasons, which can become a chance getting cancer. It is necessary to be aware about the cancer, which can leave a very bad impact on the patient’s life.


Genes of our ancestors who got cancer if appear in us, we may have the chance of getting the cancer. The genes supplied by our parents can relate to our ancestor’s genes, from the bloodline. It may be a grandfather or grandmother who is with cancer particles. These genes can be further supplied to your children’s and their children’s. BRCA1 and BRDCA2 are the genes kinds, which can produce the tumors of suppressor proteins. When these two genes are developed due to some alterations, the cells will develop with some alterations, which can cause cancer.

Top 5 Causes For Cancer


Recent studies done much organization on the cancer causing reasons revealed that tobacco based products would be a major reason for the cancer. Many people around the world consuming the tobacco based products daily in millions of packets. These products contain heavy percentage tar and nicotine, which are the reason for the mouth cancer. Another tobacco-based product is a cigar, smoking very injurious to our health; it leads to the lung cancer. The smoke, which will go into our lungs, damages the lungs with its vulnerable tar and nicotine contents.

Food Habits

Eating different harmful food, which are not so friendly to our stomach will create troubles? Due to the heavy fats in the stomach, we may increase cancer risks. This overweight and obesity issues can raise the risks of cancer, which can hit different parts our body.


Consuming heavy percentage can lead to the liver cancers, the alcohol is irritant to different body parts like mouth and throat. The cells of the body will get damaged due to the high presence alcohol in our blood, tissues, the levers are very important to us, but heavy alcohol consumption leads to damage of levers which can further lead to death. The harmful chemical used in alcohol will react with the cells in our body, which become sensitive are damaged.


Actually, most of the skin cancers are from the exposure of skin to the sunrays. The exposure in the sense in the long-term exposure, but not short-term exposures. The UVB rays damages the skin cells and DNA part in the skin cells and further develop into skin cancer. We know that all the dangerous UV rays filtered by the Ozone layer in our atmosphere.

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