Top 5 Celeb Luxury Watches and How They Styled Them

Classic style means setting trends, not following them. Getting the drop on a luxurious look comes down to the details, and role models of A-List style are the best place for inspiration. While celebs have access to top stylists, all you need is the right timepiece to carry off a sophisticated polish. Copy the look, throw in a bit of personal flair, and own the room like an icon in no time.

The New Classic

Top 5 Celeb Luxury Watches and How They Styled Them

Old world charm, sophistication, and a dash of adventure categorize the métier of Brad Pitt. His movie star style and laid-back elegance set him amongst the most enviable and iconic men in Hollywood. So what does Pitt wear when he wants to complete his look? This A-lister prefers Monaco-inspired chronographs, with true alligator bands hearken back to the finest looks of legends past. Timeless Swiss craftsmanship, with rugged steel cases of moderate size (eschewing the oversized faces of some more contemporary styles), complete his classic look.

The Veteran

Top 5 Celeb Luxury Watches and How They Styled Them

Jimmy Smits has graced our screens for over forty years, bringing his strength and world-wise cool to mean New York streets in NYPD Blue, the White House in The West Wing, and even a galaxy far far away in Star Wars. The veteran leading man showcases an aesthetic all his own, original and classic, embracing the lesser-known classics of German craftsmanship and engineering. Simple, steel and sapphire cased watches with minimalist faces and thin silver plated dials characterize Smits’ style. Strong yet delicate, with the knowing tastefulness that only comes with age, Smits epitomizes the wisdom and power of a man who never follows trends, but embraces the utmost standards of quality and panache.

The Artist

He may be the world’s highest paid actor, a true-to-life superhero, and have a fashion sense so relevant you can set your watch to it, but Robert Downey Jr. is, above all, the quintessential artist. Whimsy, class, and a bit of wildness categorize the Iron Man’s wrist arsenal, and as he himself puts it: “You can learn a lot about a man if you open up his jewelry box.”

RDJ’s style is forged and futuristic. He famously chooses watches in his “Epic Collection” that are renowned for revolutionarily small calibres, technical complexity, and sapphire crystal cases that showcase the exceptional internal mechanics. Truly a collection worthy of Tony Stark (the billionaire genius inventor who is, for all intents and purposes, Downey’s alter ego), this style showcases creativity, daring, and exemplary taste.

The Gentleman Maverick

There is no one quite like Idris Elba: hailing from the most humble beginnings, Elba has embodied rogue detectives, commanded armies of giant robots, and stepped into the shoes of the legendary Nelson Mandela. Unorthodox and unapologetic, this charming maverick has a style that is all his own.

Larger than life, with a nod to the trials and triumphs of the past, Elba’s style is as intense as his approach to his work. After all, few artists can play a political revolutionary as an aperitif to embarking upon a career as a professional kickboxer. In terms of premium timepieces, Elba favors striking, stainless steel cases and bands, often opting for a stunning black bezel. Daring as the maverick is, his style finds its apex with the vintage chronograph models evocative of  50’s and 60’s Hollywood icons.

The Modern Warrior

Top 5 Celeb Luxury Watches and How They Styled Them

He epitomizes masculinity and boldness, as an accomplished martial artist, actor, and former olympic hopeful. With a life as storied as it is inspiring, Jason Statham is known as a rugged pacifist who brings a unique strength to his elegant style. The iron-fisted Englishman of The Transporter fame made the Italian-cut suit dangerous (and the buzz cut sophisticated), Statham also embraces this same aesthetic in his choice of timepieces and accessories. The actor has been spotted sporting wristwear with origins in WWII. His preferred watches have come from horologists who built near-unbreakable pieces sturdy and reliable enough for soldiers in the field. Dynamic and powerful, Florence-inspired timepieces round out this action icon’s collection: the perfect style for those who crave adventure.

Define Your Style

The New Classic, The Veteran, The Gentleman Maverick, The Artist, and The Modern Warrior: styles born of the finest watchmakers and boldest artists to achieve A-List status. Any man would turn heads by aping these styles, but finding a look all your own is always the next step. Find the perfect affordable men’s watches to complete your statement-making look, and maybe you’ll be the next style icon to make this list

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