Top 5 inflatable dome tent

Top 5 inflatable dome tent
Though Online market can make you overwhelmed with a number of inflatable dome tent but today we have come up to inform about Top 5 inflatable dome tent through this blog. Yolloy is known all across the world for serving quality oriented Dome tent. If you wish to purchase but getting confused which should buy then no need to contemplate more. As we are going to give you hint about Yolloy’s Top 5 inflatable dome tent. Would not you love to know it. If nodded YES then let’s take a look.

  1. large white inflatable shelter for sports hall tent event:- it’s one of the high-in-demand dome tent among the customers. You may be thinking what sorts of aspect makes it one of the most sought-after then I am here to explore you. This dome tent comes with the Size of 18m diameter as well as customization can be done as per your choice. It’s made from 0.6mm PVC tarps which is considered quality material. It’s dipped in white shade and that’s why it looks very beautiful and outstanding. High heat welding technology has been uses to make it perfect. And the tent is air tight. Whether you wish to spend quality time with your friends by playing games or looking for organize party like birthday, wedding or success then you can go ahead. It’s perfect for all sorts of occasion including sport, party, and workshop etc. Another aspect of this dome tent is waterproof and UV resistant which makes it an apple of the customer’s eye.
  2. Inflatable Igloo tent:- This tent is next in the list of Top 5 inflatable dome tent presented by Yolloy. The shape of this tent makes it the most of the sought-after. It’s dipped in black shade and which is also cool and goes as per your taste if you are looking for the black shade. But colour is customized and it can be edited as per your choice if want. The external size of this dome tent is 6m diameter and internal size is 5m diameter, which is great for organizing big events. This dome tent is made from PVC tarpaulin and this material is considered good. This dome tent is good for them looking for small tent. Since it’s waterproof and that’s why it can be used if raining is outside. To make you comfortable inside the tent, there is a facility of exhaust. Apart from it, Air Condition can be installed inside the tent to keep the air circulating.
  3. Inflatable portable meeting igloo dome:- There is another igloo shape and white shaded dome tent which is high in demand among customers because of its eye-catching look. It’s too beautiful. It’s comes with the size of 8m diameter and hols weight of 160 KG. This dome tent can be used of pub, wedding party, success party, birthday party, office party or for outdoor meeting. The size of this dome tent can be customized. It’s made from Oxford and PVC tarpaulin.
  4. Giant inflatable circus tent:- if you are looking for good space inside the tent then nothing can be great rather than choosing Gaint Inflatable Circus Tent. Yolloy serves you this dome tent dipped in red and white shade which comes in the size of 20m diameter. This tent has been crafted from PVC tarps. Size of this tent can be customized as per your need.
  5. Inflatable Outdoor igloo tents Inuit’s portable snow house:- And the last in this list is Inflatable Outdoor igloo tents Inuit’s portable snow house dipped in blue and white shade. It comes with excellent feature including waterproof and easy-to-set-up. For fair, meeting, wedding party etc., this tent is good.

Yolloy serves you all the above mentioned tent at the reasonable price. You must login to check out the entire collection of inflatable dome tent.

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