Top 5 Insta Worthy NYC Spots

Top 5 Insta Worthy NYC Spots

When it comes to New York City, there are so many places to see across the five boroughs it may seem overwhelming. Of course there are all the well known tourist destinations such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, but there are so many others, both well-known and obscure, that the list is close to endless. Since there won’t be enough time to fit in all of the possible destinations over the course of your stay, you will wnt to narrow down your list to make sure you get some Instagram shots that are unique. You don’t just want snaps that everyone else has. So for travelers loading up their RV rentals with NYC as one of their destination stops, keep the following Insta worthy spots in mind.

The Subway

There is truly no public transit system like the NYC public transit system. Unlike in other cities, the subway here is the main source of transportation for millions of New Yorkers per day. The system has come a long way from the graffiti-scrawled cars of the 1980s. These days the subway is perfectly safe, clean, and by far the easiest way to get around the city. Take a selfie on the subway during rush hour, or of yourself with one of the many break dancers or subway performers, and your “Like” button will start blowing up for sure.

Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is the main transportation hub between the borough of Staten Island and lower Manhattan. The ride is absolutely free, and it affords views of the Statue of Liberty and the Financial District skyline. Take a snap from the railing of the Statue against the Jersey shore or of the skyline, or pose for a portrait, and you will have a truly Insta worthy photo from your trip.

The Williamsburg Bridge

There is a pedestrian walkway that crosses over this bridge that runs from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back. Along the way you will be treated to epic views of the skyline, the sweeping expanse of Brooklyn, and beyond. If you take a pic at night or on a clear day you will have yourself a terrific panoramic shot that will be sure to light up your Instagram page and increase your followers.

The Williamsburg Pier

Just across the Bridge you will find yourself at the Williamsburg Pier if you walk south. This newly built pier is gorgeous and features grass areas for picnics, benches, food festivals, and flea markets galore. Plus you have one of the most stunning full-on views of the Midtown skyline to be found anywhere in the city. This is the heart of urban hipster heaven, so the snap possibilities are intense. Take a photo of one of the many pieces of street art, one of the famous murals that line the area, or simply of the sweeping skyline.

East Midtown/East River

For a truly unique photo op, head up to the East River shore that runs along Midtown’s 45th to 50th streets. From here you have a series of lookouts that take in the massive expanse of Queens, featuring the world famous Coca Cola sign. This is a lookout that a lot of people don’t know about, so throwing this pic up onto Instagram will definitely set your page apart from anyone else posting shots of NYC.

If you really want to wow your followers, make sure to get snaps from some of these lesser known locations. This will set you apart from the average NYC tourist and do wonders for your followers and “Likes” on the Gram.

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