Top 7 Diet and Fitness Tips For Women For Healthy Lifestyle

According to the World Health Organization, 1/3 of the female deaths are caused by stroke and heart disease. Based on reports, one of the identified barriers for positive health outcomes in women is poverty. By proper diet, exercise and sleep, women can still attain the best possible health outcomes.

Exercise regularly: The benefits of physical activity on women are innumerable. Regular exercise lowers the risk of heart disease, reduces symptoms of arthritis, halts osteoporosis and delays menopause. These and more can happen if one settles for an active lifestyle. There are a lot of fitness exercise course that a person could choose from to fit his/her needs. The most common physical activity for women includes but not limited to aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching exercise (e.g., yoga and pilates).

Top 7 Diet and Fitness Tips For Women For Healthy Lifestyle

Watch your diet: According to nutritionists, when selecting food, calories, ingredients and portion sizes are the three things to consider when knowing how healthy a diet is. They added that there were six daily superfoods for women. These are 1) low fat yogurt 2) fish like salmon, sardines 3) beans 4) red or dark-colored vegetables 5) orange juice or low-fat milk and 6) berries.

Lose weight safely: Are you battling on arthritis? Are the signs and symptoms of joint pain getting worse? Do you know that the size of your waist mirrors your risk of significant health problems? Overweight and obesity may harm your health. Thus, it should be clearly mentioned that when shredding of extra pounds, do it safely. Take in small steps and notice real changes. Lose weight by modifying diet and incorporating physical activity into a daily routine. On average, a healthy person should have 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week.

Top 7 Diet and Fitness Tips For Women For Healthy LifestyleHydrate: Drink lots of water daily. While coffee is known to have lots of health benefits, drinking more than 3 cups of coffee daily is not so good in effect on well-being. Too much caffeine can lead to hypertension and can cause miscarriage in pregnant mothers. Women should also avoid drinking sugary beverage such as sodas and juice. On the other hand, nutrition experts encourage women to drink at least a cup of green tea a day. Green tea is known to be antioxidant. This “superfood” helps women fight off cancer and any form of heart disease.

Supplements: Because of a busy schedule and no time for proper, healthy cooking, our bodies fall short on nutrients. This is where multi-vitamins for women come into play – to fill in the nutritional gaps. Recommended supplements for women include Vitamin C (defense against colds), Vitamin D (defense against heart disease) and Calcium (essential for bones and plays a role in menopause). There are lots of multi-vitamins available in the market, but the ones above are the most essential. Not withstanding, health authorities stressed that it is not a good idea to rely solely on multi-vitamins in getting whatever vitamins and minerals our body missed in regular diet. You can also try combining weight loss products such as phentaslim alongside diet and exercise.

Rest and sleep: According to scientific research, sleep loss commonly affects women than men. Studies have shown that when women are deprived of sleep, the risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression are doubled than that of men, and hormones are likely to be blamed. In addition to that, it is found out that sleep loss in women often results in frequent colds, arthritis, weight gain, hypertension and chronic stress. An 8-hour, uninterrupted sleep is as much as necessary to reverse these problems. If you have trouble sleeping, skip frequent naps during an afternoon, avoid too much caffeine intake during the day and take a warm shower before going to bed.

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