Trying To Explain Complex Concepts Through E-Learning? 6 Reasons To Sprinkle Quizzes

Trying To Explain Complex Concepts Through E-Learning? 6 Reasons To Sprinkle Quizzes

Creating quizzes was a long process up until recently. It took a while; a lecturer needed to develop it using an unsuitable tool, then make copies that they will later distribute to their learners. After an hour of monitoring the class, a lecturer would collect the quizzes. But only after that is when the real work begins – the evaluation process.

Trying To Explain Complex Concepts Through E-Learning? 6 Reasons To Sprinkle Quizzes

Although this looks like a distant past, it was considered to be practical just a few years ago. Because of e-learning, quizzing looks completely different now. It takes a lot less time to create a quiz and grade it. As a matter of fact, they are a great method for explaining complex concepts – find out why that is.

A Quiz Helps You Remember

Although the quizzing process has changed, one thing about quizzes hasn’t. Quizzes are highly useful because they help learners store new information in long-term memory.

This is the most vital reason why quizzes are an effective method for explaining complex processes. After you give information that’s completely new to your learners, you should create a quiz that covers the key points of your lecture that lasts for no more than ten minutes, and end your lesion with it.

While that new material is still fresh, learners will be able to give the right answers. As we know, repetition is the mother of all learning. A small questionnaire at the end of your lecture will be highly beneficial to your learners because they will be obligated to use new terms while they are still fresh and lingering in their minds.

Quizzes Serve as Motivation

Trying To Explain Complex Concepts Through E-Learning? 6 Reasons To Sprinkle Quizzes
Although this doesn’t apply to ever learner, that perception is about to change as well. Before, an evaluation of any sorts was considered to be a source of stress. However, quizzes are now considered to be a part of the learning process, not just a way to gain results.

So, in due time, quizzes will become a source of motivation, not anxiety, and a way to master challenging educational materials with ease.

On the other hand, every group of learners has overachievers. Unlike the majority of the student body, they welcome quizzes because the results are an affirmation of their hard work.

It’s Actually a Summary

If you start using quizzes as a way to put a circle around your lectures, their benefits will go further then enabling your learners to store new information in their long-term memory.

When the exam period begins, which requires from learners to go through extensive educational areas and study, they will be able to use quiz results as notes. Considering the fact that short quizzes need to encompass key points of every lecture, learners will find them to be a very useful form of summaries.

They Are an Evaluation Method

Without regard as to whether the results of a quiz affect the final grade of a learner or not, they are still an evaluation method.

So, even if you make them a ten-minute part of your lectures, your learners can still use them as an insight into their level of knowledge at the given time. If the results aren’t satisfying to a learner, they will know that they need to give that certain area more attention.

Therefore, quizzes can be a powerful tool of self-assessment to learners.

Quizzes Can Be Fun

The simplest way for a learner to pick up new material that’s filled with complex concepts is to do it through fun. That way, stress isn’t a factor, and when their minds aren’t burdened with it, your learners will be able to remember new information much faster.

However, it’s up to a lecturer to implement this new perception of quizzes the right way. This is a rather simple matter; you should just guide your learners on all the points we discussed so far. When learners know what to expect, they will adopt quizzing as a fun learning method.

Fast Feedback

Trying To Explain Complex Concepts Through E-Learning? 6 Reasons To Sprinkle Quizzes
As mentioned in the beginning, a frustrating part of quizzes is waiting for the results. Instead of printing out your quizzes on paper, you can now use PCs, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones as a quizzing platform. Not only is this an environment-friendly way to conduct testing, it’s also quite efficient because it provides results immediately after a learner has completed the quiz. So, there will be no more long nights you’d normally spend evaluating your learners.

However, to create a quiz like this, you will need a proper tool. With the right piece of software, you’ll be able to insert different types of questions, implement different types of content, and format it without any glitches whatsoever. Besides, a proper platform for creating quizzes will enable you to make your quizzes diverse and entertaining.

With the age of e-learning, quizzes will get a new form – they will be spread out on devices. Because of that, educators will be able to change the way quizzes are perceived.

Generations that are being schooled right now are used to their personal devices. So, completing a quiz will simply be another stress-free activity on that extensive list.

Allow Learners Absorb Concepts Better

You should be able to see the brilliance of quizzing after reading this. To a lecturer, quizzes will serve as a powerful aid for explaining complex concepts. On the other hands, learners will be able to pick up new materials faster and use quizzes as a powerful self-assessment tool. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation.

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