Types Of Network Support Services

There are a number of IT services that are outsourced. The IT services that are most commonly outsourced as listed and explained. There are several IT service providers available in Toronto region. Visit the website technicalactiongroup.ca you can see a list of varied IT services that are provided in a professional way.  A large number of companies provide IT support in Toronto.

Types Of Network Support Services

Technical Support Services:

There are a number of services provided under IT support service. The most commonly outsourced IT support Toronto is technical support services. There are a number of services and features that come under Technical support. Some of them are listed below and explained.

24 x 7 Support and Monitoring:

This is the important feature that is required for an IT service provider. As technical issues can arise at any time and support personnel’s have to be present all time to provide technical assistance. Network has to be monitored all time to check for down times and issues. When the issue is in minimal level it has to be rectified else it may cause down time resulting in expensive issues.


Maintenance is another important factor that is important for a IT service provider as computers may get faulty at any point of time. It is important to check the reliability of system and schedule regular maintenance works on servers systems and firewalls. Firewalls play an important role in maintaining security of system and software. System has to be updated on regular basis to avoid bugs caused by outdated software.


There are several network issues that occur on a server or computer. To avoid high cost issues it is important to maintain the network. There are several things to be considered as security factor some of them are:

Email Spam Filtering:

It is important to filter spam messages that come to email inbox. As spam messages are automated you may get even several thousands of spam mails a day. The main issue will be memory as spam messages in several thousand might fill up the memory. Another important thing is most of the viruses are transmitted using email hence it is important to filter such messages and put them away.

A single virus might affect the whole of your network as almost all the systems are connected in the network. And most of the viruses are designed to hack and steal important information such as passwords and bank details. It is therefore important to secure such messages in advance.

Access Protection:

It is important to monitor websites that are accessed by employees as access to social media sites might reduce productivity and might result in downloading malicious software like spyware and viruses. This might not be done intentionally but may get downloaded without knowledge. Therefore it is important to install a firewall and block such malicious websites. This will also help to monitor the web site usage of each user thus protecting the entire network. This will help you to keep your servers healthy and uninfected.

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