Ultimate Guide To Plan Corporate Party

Ultimate Guide To Plan Corporate Party

A corporate event helps in achieving the goals of promotion of the products and services, improvement in the brand, entertaining the employees and clients of the company. This will surely help in making the company popular. But sometimes these parties turn out to be nothing more than a business meeting where the families get bored. This is the last thing that the company wants.

Ultimate Guide To Plan Corporate Party

It is true that in an industry event, the company invests a huge amount to make it a success. These are generally done to make the most of the opportunity and inform everybody about something for free. The events of the company also help in building relationships with the audience. The social networking sites can never replace the bonds that are developed during such events. So, it is important to make it more entertaining for the audience. A lot is being done for the planning of the event by the event managers. It takes them days to decide the venue, food, entertainment sources etc. Have a look at what all needs to be done to plan the corporate event.

  1. Event type– It is important to know the type of event that is being planned. The type includes a press conference, board meeting, shareholder meeting or any other. Such events require a formal venue and not just any other casual venue. Also, the place depends upon the number of people that are going to attend the party. In case hundreds of staff are going to come, it surely needs a bigger space. Lightings are important too. It should not be too dim or too bright. In case the event managers are consulted, then the history of the event management company must be studied to know if they have done similar projects in the past.
  2. Venue– Deciding a venue is not an easy task. There are so many factors that affect the location or the venue. Firstly, the place must be easily accessible to the staff and clients. Also, get to know about the transport system in that area. if it’s not good, provide them with shuttle or cab options. Secondly, the parking system area must be proper to avoid chaos. These tips will surely help in deciding a proper venue for the corporate event.
  3. Budget– It is the venue that must be sorted out first according to a number of people that are going to visit the party. One of the hurdle that company faces in selecting the venue are the budget. It is better to prepare a list of all the venues and then choose the one which is affordable with quality services. In addition to this, the expenses of the transportation, food and other related services must be noted down. Also, inquire about the complementary or the discounted services. Ask for quotes from the different venues and opt the one that suits the budget. Do not hurry and try to negotiate for better deals. Go through the newspaper or search online if there are discounts on the venues.
  4. Catering services– On-site kitchen can provide hot food services to the invited guests. The liquor license must also be checked. Many times the venue charge extra money for food and other related facilities. Go through the agreement that the venue provides thoroughly to know better.

When the planning is done, the only thing that is left is entertainment sources. Some of the best ones are as follows.

  • Hire a magician to amaze the crowd- Every child believes in magic. As he grows up and encounters with the reality, the belief starts breaking down. Such events are considered to be the right time to take them to their childhood and amaze them with the superb magic tricks of the magician. Break the stereotype that the corporate parties are boring and not worth visiting. Get an experienced magician like Randi Bernstein. His brilliant performance will surely leave the audience awestruck
  • Get a music band or musician- A music band who can play all the favorite music of the crowd will make the event a hit. Everybody just loves music. So, in no way, the audience will be bored. Let the crowd prepare the playlist of the songs for the evening. For the background music, it must be soothing to the ears.
  • The board games are must-haves- Crowd participation is so important in such events. The markets are filled with board games that come cheap but are really entertaining. Bring one of such games that can fill excitement in the audience.

Also, not to be missed, ask the staff and clients for their feedback. This is essential to know about the quality of the party organized. For future events, such feedbacks will turn fruitful. These tips may give the best ideas for the corporate events.

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