Updating Your Kitchen Decor

Updating Your Kitchen Decor

A happy, busy kitchen is an attraction to all members of the family. This is where all the goodies come from – crispy dosas for breakfast, a wholesome meal of vegetables and rice for lunch and a big spread for dinner plus dessert!

The perfect kitchen is one that has a welcoming and homely feel to it since it is where the family gets together at meal times. Most kitchens are full of laughter over trying new recipes or feasting on comforting meals that are, our go-to favourites. A kitchen that is spacious, well-equipped, and orderly can turn even the most monotonous tasks into a delight. So, if you are bored with your kitchen or need to make it more efficient here are some ways you can do this.

Updating Your Kitchen Decor

Major Updates

If you need a major revamp and you have some space to play with, you might want to consider U-shaped kitchen designs. These are ideal for spaces with three adjacent walls which can be fully utilised to provide you with the kitchen you desire. Another choice is L-shaped kitchen designs which are great if you like clean lines and minimalist looks. These usually run along one wall and are a great choice for smaller spaces. Modular kitchens give you neat corners and bright designs that will definitely give your space a new life.

Minor Changes

When you have a limited budget or just need to refresh your kitchen a bit, go in for some minor changes. Give the kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint and replace the handles with something colourful or in a brushed nickel finish. Change the light fixture, replace bulky appliances with compact ones, and put down a colourful rug near the sink. You could also consider dressing up the windows of your kitchen or adding a few small decorative plants to brighten up the place. Re-arrange your crockery drawer and infuse some lovely coloured crockery that is sure to give your space a new look.

Keep it Minimal

Irrespective of the kitchen design you opt for or the kind of changes you want, it is important not to go overboard. Do not try to incorporate all the elements of a particular design if it clutters the look. Minimalism usually always works. Also, ensure that comfort and ease-of-use is accounted for. One cannot be expected to churn out delicious meals in a kitchen that is difficult to work in.

Tips to Remember

Visualise the changes you want to be made before you actually go ahead with it. If you’re remodelling, get a 3-D representation done so you know how your kitchen is going to look after the work is done.

A few changes here and there can make a world of difference to your kitchen décor. So, choose wisely, use your judgement, and make a unique style statement. Remember, it is also important to feel good about your space and your kitchen is one of those areas that are a reflection of your personal style.

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