Useful Ways To Ensure The Correctness Of Job Performed By Body Shop

Useful Ways To Ensure The Correctness Of Job Performed By Body Shop

There are cases when an automobile repair company hands over your repaired car and takes away your money. Few days later you observe that your car is again giving you the same problem. To save you from such hurdles, there are some useful ways that would tell you whether your automobile was correctly repaired or not.

Get a Clear understanding before Commencing the Repair Work

Both the client and the automobile company should be on the same page with respect to the type of repair work, methodology used for the repairing, warranty offered and price. It is better to get everything on the paper, before the repair work begins. This will assure you of the best quality and peace of mind.

Check About the Cleanliness of the Car

One of the indications of a repaired automobile is its appearances. Ensure that your automobile is washed, vacuumed and cleaned efficiently without any sort of dirt or dust particles inside and outside of the automobile. The engine compartment should be properly washed before your automobile keys are handed over to you.

Useful Ways To Ensure The Correctness Of Job Performed By Body Shop

Monitor the Area which has been Repaired

A clean car from outside and inside does not mean that the repaired work is carried out efficiently. Look at the area that has been repaired by the repairing company. Observe following things:

  • Are there any gaps between body panels?
  • If there are gaps then find out are they uneven or misaligned?
  • Are the doors opening and closing easily and properly with correct alignment.
  • Notice the gap between the fender and the tire. If the distance is more on one side and less on the other side then it shows that something is not repaired properly.
  • Check the condition of headlights by turning them on. Make sure that the light beams are properly aligned.
  • Do a frame inspection to know that it is bent or straight?

Carefully see if there are any signs of “butcher marks”, which are often seen left from local body shop. The best body shop is the one that measures the damaged region of the automobile and then again measures the region after performing the repair work. Proper repair work guarantees that the post repair measurement should match the pre repair measurement.

Use of Water based Paint

A good body shop uses water based paint that is now made mandatory by governmental regulations. Earlier car paints were made using chemicals that were volatile in nature. These compounds tend to evaporate into the atmosphere, and thereby causes harm to it. In place of those organic compounds water-based paints are proved to be eco-friendly and offer better coverage than the conventional types of paint.

Use of Matching Paint Colors

The color of the damaged area should completely match to the entire color of the automobile. There should be consistency in the color and should not have any imperfections like hair or dirt particles caught up in the finish etc.

When choosing an ideal body shop for your automobile, ensure that it has all the above mentioned qualities in it.

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